FAQ: What Companies Does Irving Own?

Irving Pulp Paper Ltd. Irving Paper Ltd.

  • Saint John Shipbuilding.
  • Halifax Shipyard.
  • East Isle Shipyard.
  • Shelburne Ship Repair.
  • Woodside Industries.
  • Fleetway, Inc.
  • Oceanic Consulting Corporation.

What brands does Irving own?

These companies largely fall under four umbrellas: J.D. Irving Limited (whose many segments include forestry, food, construction and transportation), Brunswick News (newspapers), Irving Oil (oil refining and marketing) and Ocean Capital Holdings (real estate, radio, construction and materials).

Who owns Irving?

According to Forbes, Arthur Irving has a net worth of 1.9 billion USD (2.3 billion CAD). The family fortune was established by his grandfather, James Dergavel Irving, who started the family business in the 1800s.

Is Irving Oil privately owned?

Founded in 1924 by K.C. Irving, Irving Oil is a family-owned and privately-held regional energy processing, transporting, and marketing company headquartered in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, with a U.S. office in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Is Royale owned by Irving?

For over 50 years, ROYALE has been a household name and a fixture in Canadian bathrooms. ROYALE is produced by Irving Consumer Products Limited, a Canadian company headquartered in Dieppe, New Brunswick. The company also has manufacturing plants in Toronto, Ontario and Saint John and Dieppe, New Brunswick.

Who owns Cavendish Farms?

At Cavendish Farms®, we’re proud of being part of a larger family, the J.D. Irving Group of Companies. Founded in 1882, J.D. Irving, Limited (JDI) has operations in Canada and the United States. We are a team of over 18,000 dedicated employees.

What is Irving worth?

In 2018 Forbes magazine estimated that the Irving’s net worth was $US12 billion.

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Who is the richest person in New Brunswick?

Arthur Irving Net Worth: Arthur Irving is a Canadian oilman who has a net worth of $5.7 billion.

Who owns Irving Pulp and paper?

The Irving Pulp and Paper Limited, previously Irving Pulp Mill, Reversing Falls, is a private company located in west Saint John, New Brunswick, owned and operated by generations of the K. C. Irving (1899–1992) family since 1951.