How Do I Become A Police Officer In Wisconsin?

Minimum Qualifications

  1. Be at least 18 years of age at the time of application.
  2. Be a U.S. Citizen.
  3. High school graduate or possess a GED high school equivalency diploma.
  4. Possess a current driver’s license and be eligible for a Wisconsin driver’s license.
  5. Meet occupational health standard.

How long is the training to be a police officer in Wisconsin?

​No law enforcement experience required! Upon hire, all cadets complete six months of comprehensive, paid law enforcement training at the State Patrol Academy. Cadets live at the Academy during the week and return home on weekends; room and board are provided.

Can you be a police officer without going to college?

The lack of a college degree will not be an insurmountable road block for someone interested in becoming a police officer. Many law enforcement agencies hire applicants with a high school diploma or its equivalent, provided he meets other minimal qualifications set by the state and local police department.

Do you have to go to the police academy?

To become a police officer, you’ll be required to take a law enforcement training program at a police academy.

Do you have to go to college to be a cop in Wisconsin?

Minimum Requirements to be a Police Officer in Wisconsin A two-year associate degree from a Wisconsin technical college system district or its accredited equivalent from another state or a minimum of 60 fully accredited credits (semester credits) or 90 accredited quarter credits.

Is the police fitness test hard?

Evidence suggests that the current police fitness test is in fact, relatively difficult to pass. That is not to say we should be hiring less police officers, but the reality is that a bleep test level of 5.4 is not particularly hard to reach.

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How do you get into the police academy?

Each Basic Police Academy applicant must:

  1. Pass the POST Reading/Writing Test (see test info and schedule);
  2. Pass the Physical Agility WSTB Test (see test info and schedule); and.
  3. Complete the Academy Application process including medical clearance, proof of medical insurance, DMV history, DOJ Firearms Clearance.

Why is it so hard to get hired as a police officer?

The police officer’s job is demanding, and no other job outside the security forces demands so many skills and abilities, and requests such demanding work. That is why you have to prove that you are capable by means of the Police Officer Entrance Exam, and why it is so difficult to pass.

How do you get a police to sponsor you?

Contact your local or state law enforcement training academy. Ask the academy representative whether self-sponsorship is an option. Not all academies have a self-sponsorship option. If self-sponsorship is an option, request an academy “self-sponsored” admissions application.

How long does it take to become a police officer?

While police academy programs take only about 6 months, most will require at least an associate degree in order to get accepted. With all things considered, it takes about 2-4 years to become a police officer.