Is Irving A Canadian Company?

The Irving family owns Canada’s largest oil refinery, is one of the five largest landowners in North America, and employs 1 in 12 people in New Brunswick. It is one of the wealthiest families in Canada.

Irving Group of Companies.

Published Online August 6, 2009
Last Edited January 14, 2020

Is Irving Only in Canada?

Irving Oil operates bulk furnace oil and propane outlets in most major centres across Atlantic Canada, New England and Quebec as well as select locations in eastern Ontario, almost all of which are supplied from its Saint John refinery. Irving Oil also operates over 900 gas stations in these jurisdictions.

Is Irving Oil privately owned?

Founded in 1924 by K.C. Irving, Irving Oil is a family-owned and privately-held regional energy processing, transporting, and marketing company headquartered in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, with a U.S. office in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

What companies are owned by Irving?

These companies largely fall under four umbrellas: J.D. Irving Limited (whose many segments include forestry, food, construction and transportation), Brunswick News (newspapers), Irving Oil (oil refining and marketing) and Ocean Capital Holdings (real estate, radio, construction and materials).

Is Source Atlantic owned by Irving?

Ownership structure James K. Irving (b. Irving (1932–2010) (also known as “Jack”) – This conglomerate has ownership of “ Ocean Capital ” which includes companies such as, Commercial Properties, OSCO Construction Group, Source Atlantic and Acadia Broadcasting, Limited.

Who owns Irving Equipment Limited?

Irving Equipment, LLC was founded by Joe and Kaye Irving and is located in Tiffin, Ohio. Since we are a family owned and operated business, we are able to provide our customers with the personal, individual attention they deserve.

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Who owns JD Irving?

The seeds of our entrepreneurial diversity were first sown by company founder James Dergavel Irving (J.D. Irving) – the grandson of enterprising immigrants from Dumfries, Scotland. The original company holdings included: a sawmill, gristmill, carding mill, a general store, lumber business and a farm.

Is Royale owned by Irving?

For over 50 years, ROYALE has been a household name and a fixture in Canadian bathrooms. ROYALE is produced by Irving Consumer Products Limited, a Canadian company headquartered in Dieppe, New Brunswick. The company also has manufacturing plants in Toronto, Ontario and Saint John and Dieppe, New Brunswick.

Where does Sarah Irving live?

Sarah resides in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada where she is actively involved in her family businesses’ leadership team and Board of Directors.

What is Canada’s largest oil refinery?

The Irving Oil Refinery is a Canadian oil refinery located in Saint John, New Brunswick. It is currently the largest oil refinery in Canada, capable of producing more than 320,000 barrels (51,000 m3) of refined products per day.

Is Irving Oil a good company?

Saint John, NB – Irving Oil has once again been recognized as one of Canada’s Top 100 Employers. For the past five years, our company has been recognized through this national competition which acknowledges organizations with exceptional human resources programs and innovative and forward-thinking workplace policies.

How many gas stations Does Irving have?

With more than 900 locations, we are committed to providing you with a clean, friendly and comfortable place to refuel, refresh and reconnect.