Question: How Do You Use Under Stairs Storage?

Turn the unused space under the stairs into a cozy home office. Create a hidden alcove in a playroom by turning the space under the stairs into a secret room for your kids. Turn a closet under the stairs into an artistic opportunity by decking it out with a custom mural, or even chalkboard paint for some versatile art.

What can I do with the space under my stairs?

Creative ways to use the space under the stairs

  • Hide the washing machine away.
  • Create a seating spot.
  • Make an immaculate coat cupboard.
  • Build a dog den.
  • Create some space in the kitchen.
  • Design the perfect hallway storage.
  • Use the space as a pantry.

Can you store items under a stairwell?

No storage is allowed underneath a stairway unless one of two measures is taken to ensure the stairwell will not burn and collapse. The first is to completely enclose the underneath section of the stairway utilizing one-‐hour fire-‐resistive construction.

How do I get the most out of stairs storage?

10 clever under stairs storage ideas

  1. Tuck your tea area under the stairs.
  2. Install integrated sliding storage.
  3. Make an under stair boot room.
  4. Try a combination of storage options.
  5. Built in storage can open up new possibilities.
  6. Use an open storage system to display your decor.
  7. Install a bar area along with your storage.

What is the storage area under stairs called?

Spandrel. If there is not another flight of stairs immediately underneath, the triangular space underneath the stairs is called a “spandrel”. It is frequently used as a closet.

How do you fireproof under stairs?

Adding a simple layer of SHEETROCK or other drywall to the underside of stairs can leave your home better equipped to withstand the heat of a fire, and may even prevent fire from spreading from one floor to the next.

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Are sprinklers required under stairs?

Sprinklers shall be installed beneath all stairways of combustible construction.

What is an exit enclosure?

An exit enclosure is the enclosure around an exit. For our purposes it usually refers to a stairwell. According to the IBC, exit enclosures connecting 4 or more stories require a 2-hour fire resistance rating, and those connecting less than 4 stories require a 1-hour fire resistance rating (IBC-2009-1022.1).

How do you style under stairs?

7 Smart Ways to Decorate the Dead Space Under Your Stairs

  1. Position A Couch Inside. If your stair nook is in your living room, then make the most of that space and add a couch underneath.
  2. Add A Plant Collection.
  3. Add A Home Office.
  4. Carve Out An Entertainment Area.
  5. Add A Swing.
  6. Squeeze In A Bench.

What is a box stair?

Essentially, box stairs are a series of pressure-treated wood boxes that are stacked on top of each other to create a short run of stairs. This method is easier to build and sturdier for stairs with up to three steps. Stairs with more than three steps should be built using stair stringers.

What exactly is a banister?

Definitions of banister. a railing at the side of a staircase or balcony to prevent people from falling.

What is a stair spindle?

A baluster is a vertical moulded shaft, square, or lathe-turned form found in stairways, parapets, and other architectural features. In furniture construction it is known as a spindle. The term banister (also bannister) refers to a baluster or to the system of balusters and handrail of a stairway.