Quick Answer: Where Does The Maze Runner Take Place?

The Scorch is a prominent location in the Maze Runner Trilogy, mentioned in the first and last books, and being the main setting of The Scorch Trials. The Scorch is a very dangerous place inhabited with Cranks, located between the two tropics, which is between the far north and the Aspen.

What is the city in the maze runner?

Denver is one of the only cities which boasts a high percentage – though still under 50% – of people not infected by the Flare. It is located in Colorado and appears in The Death Cure. Here, normal life seems to take its course, with shopping malls, cabs, and coffee shops.

What is the setting of the maze runner?

The glade is the main setting in which the majority of “The Maze Runner” takes place. It is surrounded by massive walls that make up “The maze”. It contains four different sections reserved for farming, housing, slaughtering animals, and burying the dead.

Where is the maze in the maze runner located?

Both are built deep into the bedrock that lies under the main buildings of WICKED’s headquarters. Since they are underground, the sun and sky are simulations and it is always sunny (until the Ending is triggered). The Mazes can be entered and exited through the Griever Hole.

Is The Maze Runner on Netflix?

Unfortunately if you a Netflix user from the US, none of the Maze Runner films are currently available for you to watch, although this could change in the future. Despite the second film also not being available to stream in either US or Canadian Netflix, viewers located in the UK do have access to this title.

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When did the maze runner take place?

The Maze Runner takes place in the year 232. It is unknown what event they are 232 years from.

What city is the Scorch Trials in?

‘The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials’ Set Visit: Drugs, Hallucinations And Making Out. The only thing weirder than the big mansion in the middle of downtown Albuquerque is the post-apocalyptic party going on inside.

How old is Thomas in the maze runner?

The books center on Thomas, a 16-year-old boy with no memory of life before the Maze, the friends he makes in the Glade, and their struggles to survive a series of deadly tests and overthrow the corporation running them. Who’s in it?

How long is death cure?

We know for sure that it’s the future, and it could be decades or even centuries from now. However, according to The Maze Runner Files book, there are confidential files (within the Maze Runner universe) which are dated to the years 220, 219, 232. The date format is written as (Date 220.6.

What is the main problem in The Maze Runner?

The external conflict of The Maze Runner is Thomas and the rest of the Gladers trying to find their way out of the maze. The maze is hard to solve because it shifts around every night after the gates close.

What is the setting of the death cure?

Denver. Denver is a city in Colorado. In the novel, it is where Thomas and the others go when they escape from WICKED. Denver also turns out to be one of the locations where they have crank palaces to house humans infected by the Flare.

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Did Thomas create the maze?

Thomas, originally named Stephen, is the last male Glader and one of the creators of the Maze along with Teresa Agnes. He is the main protagonist of the series and presumably named after Thomas Edison.

Who escaped the maze in Maze Runner?

Before dark, four boy run out through four “Doors” in the walls of the Maze, the walls sliding closed behind them. Chuck tells Thomas that these are the Maze Runners, and Thomas feels drawn to become one.

Why does the maze exist in Maze Runner?

The whole purpose of the Maze and their trials was to study their brain patterns. They were trying to figure out how the brain patterns of an immune differ from the brain patterns of a non-immune. They needed to challenge these kids in order to study their brain activity.