What Is A Pike Pole Used For?

Pike poles are long metal-topped wood, aluminum, or fiberglass poles used for reaching, holding, or pulling. They are variously used in construction, logging, rescue and recovery, power line maintenance, and firefighting.

Who invented the pike pole?

The earliest resemblances to pike poles and hooks carried by today’s firefighters originated in Europe around the 12th century. They were developed to be used as weapons for soldiers. These earliest pike poles were refined by loggers and ice fisherman hundreds of years ago to meet the needs of their industry.

Why do firefighters pull ceilings?

Heat conditions are starting to drop and can be felt pushing from the rear. hose stream + ventilation + building construction + conceal space fire + heat conditions = PULL CEILING (fire may be over head!). While positioning just several feet ahead of the nozzle, the firefighter starts to punch through the ceiling.

What do fire hooks do?

The fire hook is a very versatile tool. It can be used as a probe or prying tool to get around doors, windows, and other openings. It can also be used to quickly tear through walls and other obstacles, and for tasks such as cutting into ceilings and floors, tearing into ventilation systems, and so forth.

Who invented the New York hook?

The New York Roof Hook was invented FDNY Deputy Chief Hugh Halligan, the same man that gave us the Halligan bar in the 1940’s. Chief Halligan followed up in the 1950’s with the Halligan Hook.

How heavy is a pike pole?

New pike poles Leader-North America’s telescopic pike pole weighs 6.5 pounds and, when fully retracted, measures 7 feet 2 inches. Fully extended, the telescopic pike pole measures 12 feet 3 inches.

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What do firefighters carry in their pockets?

Tools carried in pants pocket include spare work gloves (not for firefighting), door chocks, extra cutting pliers, and a search line. Tools carried in bunker coat pocket include webbing, a search/utility line for controlling doors, nails(Used as door chocks), wire cutters, utility knife and small spare light.

What is a Hux bar?

Hux bar — A multipurpose tool that can be used for several forcible entry and ventilation applications because of its unique design. It may also be used as a hydrant wrench.

Why do American firefighters cut holes in roofs?

By opening a large hole in the roof heat and smoke can quickly be removed from the structure. This rapidly improves conditions inside the building, hastening fire suppression.

What is a Clemens hook?

The Clemens Hook/Wrecking Tool II is an improved design of the original Clemens Hookthat has been field tested and proven to be a tool that makes Firefighting jobs a little easier. This tool gives the firefighter more versatility in doing many of todays firefighting jobs that now require several different tools.

What is a Boston rake used for?

The Boston rake is like a pike pole in that we use it to open up walls and ceilings, break windows, and pull up roofing materials.

Why do they call it a hook and ladder truck?

The hooks would grab the ridge and hold the ladder in place so that the firefighters could work off the ladders. It carried the famed “hook”, giving it the name “Hook and Ladder”.

Why is it called a pike pole?

Also known as a ceiling hook, the pike pole is the ‘hook’ referred to in ‘hook and ladder’ truck. Pike poles used in log rafting were originally made of wood, typically spruce or fir. In the mid-1960s they began to be made of aluminum tubing plugged with a wooden knob to maintain buoyancy.

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What city established the first full time fire department in the United States?

On April 1, 1853, the Cincinnati Fire Department became the first full-time paid professional fire department in the United States, and the first in the world to use steam fire engines.

What is a Colorado hook?

The Colorado Hook features an Arson-Trash Hook at one end, and a NY Roof Hook at the other, constructed on Fire Hooks Unlimited’s versatile steel shaft. This unique configuration offers various options on the fire ground. The All-Purpose end of the hook is the most versatile hook in the fire service today.