What time and date is it in australia right now

Is Australia 24 hours ahead of us?

In reality, Australia (Sydney, specifically) is about 16 hours ahead of the Western US , and about 13 hours ahead of the Eastern US . And that’s traveling East. What makes it seem like they’re a day ahead is because of that time difference. The globe is divided into roughly 24 time zones.

Is Australia 12 hours ahead or behind?

No country is 12 hours ahead of our country. And almost no country is 12 hours behind our country, as it happens. I live in Australia , where the current time zone offset is UTC+11.

How far ahead is Australia time zone?

Australia uses three main time zones : Australian Western Standard Time (AWST; UTC+08:00), Australian Central Standard Time (ACST; UTC+09:30), and Australian Eastern Standard Time ( AEST ; UTC+10:00). Time is regulated by the individual state governments, some of which observe daylight saving time (DST).

What time is it in NSW at the moment?

Time Zones Currently Being Used in New South Wales

Offset Time Zone Abbreviation & Name Current Time
UTC +10:30 ACDT Wed, 1:25:47 pm
UTC +11 AEDT Wed, 1:55:47 pm

What country sees 2020 first?

New Year 2020: New Year is first celebrated on the small Pacific island nations of Tonga, Samoa , and Kiribati . New Zealand follows next in celebrating the New Year, followed by Australia , Japan, and South Korea, while the last place to celebrate New Year is Bakers Island.

Which country is 24 hours ahead of USA?

Though, sadly for the Americans, it left American Samoa marooned, only 70km away but 24 hours apart (25 in summer). And then there’s the Republic of Kiribati, which became independent in 1979 by combining three colonies – the UK’s Gilbert Islands, and the Phoenix and Line Islands from the US.

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What country is a day behind?

The International Date Line runs between Tonga and American Samoa ; note that each has the exact same time, but they are exactly one day apart.

Is Australia in front or behind?

Time Differences UK/Australia

New South Wales Victoria Australian Capital Territory Tasmania 9 hours ahead of the UK
South Australia 8.5 hours ahead
Queensland 9 hours ahead
Northern Territory 8.5 . hours ahead
Western Australia 7 hours ahead

How far behind is America from Australia?

The center of Australia is 15:45 hours ahead of the center of the United States .

How can I call to Australia?

First, dial 011 , the US exit code . Next, dial 61 , the country code for Australia. Then dial the 1-digit area code -See below for a list of all the area codes in Australia.

What are the 7 time zones?

From east to west they are Atlantic Standard Time ( AST ), Eastern Standard Time ( EST ), Central Standard Time (CST), Mountain Standard Time ( MST ), Pacific Standard Time (PST), Alaskan Standard Time (AKST), Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time (HST), Samoa standard time (UTC-11) and Chamorro Standard Time (UTC+10).

How many hours is Australia from California?

16 hours

How many time zones does Australia have?


What’s the time in Hong Kong?

Current Local Time in Locations in Hong Kong with Links for More Information (2 Locations)
Hong Kong Tue 10:53 pm
Kowloon Tue 10:53 pm

What is AEDT right now?

AEDT current date is 29th Sunday November 2020. Current time in AEDT ( AEDT ). Australia