Where is area code 206 in canada

Area code 206 is the area code for Seattle, WA and the surrounding areas.

  • Browse area code 206 phone numbers, prefixes and exchanges. The 206 area code serves Seattle, Redmond, Tacoma, Mercer Island, Kent, covering 28 ZIP codes in 3 counties.

Area code (206) is in the state of WA. Below, are the major cities in the area code (206). Area Codes Starting with 2 Area Code (201)

Which country code is +206?

Area code 206

State Larger cities in area code 206 Time Zone
WA Washington Bainbridge Island , Burien, Des Moines , Mercer Island, Rollingbay, Seattle , Shoreline, Vashon , White Center All cities PACIFIC Current time is 06:24:33 AM

What area code is 203 in Canada?

Area code 203 is a North American telephone area code that is assigned to the southwestern part of Connecticut, and is overlaid with area code 475. The numbering plan area (NPA) 203 originally covered the entire state of Connecticut when the North American Numbering Plan was created in 1947.

Is area code 206 toll free?

Is ( 206 ) Area Code a Toll – Free Number ? No. The ( 206 ) Area Code is not a toll – free number .

What are the area codes in Canada?

The original 9 area codes of Canada include 204, 306, 403, 416, 418, 514, 604, 613, and 902. The most recently added was 367 in 2018 as an overlay to 418. Unlike the US, Canadian area codes can cross province/state boundaries. Only 3 cross province boundaries: 782, 867 , and 902.

What area code is 619 belong to?

city of San Diego

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How do you find out who’s calling me?

Perform A Reverse Phone Lookup The absolute easiest way to find out who is calling is by doing a reverse phone lookup. National Cellular Directory, can assist you in finding out who is calling your phone in a matter of minutes.

What area code is 204 in Canada?

province of Manitoba

Where is an 860 number from?

state of Connecticut

What country code is 23?

MD Moldova

Is 818 a toll free number?

Questions about the status of the 818 area code should be directed to the Public Advisor’s Office toll free at (866) 849-8391 or (213) 576-7055. The Area Code Hotline (866) 340-6147 is also available to answer questions. 818 /747 Area Code.

Activity Date Time
10 + 1 mandatory dialing April 18, 2009 12:01 a.m.

Who is calling from 866?

866 is the start of a toll free number, just like 800. A prefix of 866 represents calls that are paid for by the recipient, rather than the caller. When people think of toll free calling , they usually think of 800 numbers, but there are many other options that function in the same way.

IS 800 an area code?

Area code 800 was the first toll free area code put into use in the United States. Although area code 800 is not assigned to a geographical area or time zone, calls to any toll free number may be restricted by the customer. Other toll free area codes are 833, 844, 855, 866, 877, and 888.

Is there a 702 area code in Canada?

Area codes 702 and 725 are the North American Numbering Plan telephone area codes serving Clark County, Nevada, including Las Vegas. Area code 702 was originally assigned to the entire state of Nevada, as one of the original numbering plan areas established in October 1947.

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Why is Canada called 6?

The most popular explanation of the term probably comes from thelemonwarrior via Urban Dictionary: “The city of Toronto. Named of the city’s two area codes, 416 and 647. The term was popularized by Drake and is only used by Drake and people who don’t live in Toronto.”

What area code is 919 in Canada?

Area codes 919 and 984 serve north- central North Carolina that includes the Research Triangle Park and the larger cities and communities of Apex, Cary, Chapel Hill, Durham, Goldsboro, Raleigh , and Sanford in addition to many smaller communities within the area codes 919 and 984 overlay service area. Canada