How Do The Dutch Pronounce Van Gogh?

It is said differently in other languages. The English speak ″Gof,″ the French say ″Gog,″ and the Japanese say it differently as well. In the Netherlands, it is pronounced with a guttural sound — ‘Khokh.’ Van Gogh signed his paintings and correspondence with the name ‘Vincent,’ since it was simpler for people to pronounce than his other names.

When it comes to non-native Dutch speakers, we at the Pronunciation Unit don’t expect them to say his name with a perfect Dutch accent. As an alternative, we offer the well-established Anglicisation van GOKH (-v as in vet, -g as in get, -kh as in Scottish loch), which has been codified in various British English pronunciation dictionaries and is widely accepted.

How do you pronounce Van Gogh’s name?

According to the Americans, the word is pronouced ″Van-Go,″ but the English pronounce it ″Van-GOFF.″ Neither of these statements is correct. Because Van Gogh was of Dutch descent, it is necessary to pronounce Van Gogh in the manner in which the Dutch do. Gogh is pronounced in the same way as loch. However, for the vast majority of individuals, it is the G sound that is the most terrifying.