How Far Is Antigua From Guatemala City?

The distance between Antigua Guatemala and Guatemala City is seen on this map. Approximately 16 miles (25 kilometers) separate Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala and Guatemala City, Guatemala.

Despite the fact that the distance between Antigua, a 500-year-old colonial city, and Guatemala City is only 25 miles (41 km), the curving roads and heavy traffic can make the travel between them much longer than the hour that is forecast.

How to get from Guatemala City to Antigua?

  1. The distance between Guatemala City and Antigua is around 40 kilometers, and it takes approximately 60 minutes to travel between the two cities.
  2. It is, however, subject to one condition: there must be no traffic.
  3. When it comes to traffic, the situation is quite different.
  4. I discovered this the hard way.
  5. It was a nightmare being stuck on the shuttle bus for a 5-hour journey that was meant to take only 2 hours.

What is Antigua Guatemala known for?

Antigua La Antigua (also known as Antigua or la Antigua) is a city in the central highlands of Guatemala known for its well-preserved Spanish Baroque-influenced architecture and for the remains of many colonial churches that had stood on the site. It served as the nation’s capital during the Kingdom of Guatemala’s existence.

Is there a bus from El Trebol to Antigua Guatemala?

Yes, there is a direct bus that runs from Guatemala El Trebol Zona 7 to Antigua Guatemala, and it leaves every 30 minutes. Services depart every 30 minutes and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The travel will take roughly 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Can I order Uber from Antigua airport to my accommodation?

  1. Booking A Shuttle Service From Your Antigua Hotel or Accommodation For those who find themselves in a situation where buying an Uber from the airport isn’t a viable option, the most dependable option is to have your Antigua hotel organise a shuttle for you.
  2. Many of the hotels in Antigua will provide a shuttle service to and from the Guatemala City International Airport for tourists arriving by plane.
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How much is taxi from Guatemala City to Antigua?

The quickest and most affordable method to get from Guatemala City to Antigua Guatemala is via cab, which takes 39 minutes and costs $29 – $35 per person.

How much is an Uber from Guatemala City to Antigua?

Uber from Guatemala City Airport to Antigua An Uber ride from Guatemala City Airport to Antigua will cost you at least 175 GTQ (approximately $23 USD). And that’s for a typical drive in good traffic conditions.

Is Antigua Guatemala worth visiting?

Antigua Guatemala has quickly risen to become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Central America, and with good cause. With its pulsing bustle and awe-inspiring architecture, as well as an engaging culture and some pretty outstanding views, Antigua has been named a UNESCO World Heritage site.

How long does it take to get to Antigua from Guatemala City airport?

The travel from Guatemala City International Airport (GUA) to Antigua Guatemala takes around 40 minutes. Where can I find a place to stay in or around Antigua Guatemala? There are around 270 hotels in Antigua Guatemala to choose from. Prices start at $100 USD each night and go up from there.

What airport do you fly into for Antigua Guatemala?

The closest international airport to Antigua is Guatemala City’s La Aurora International Airport (tel. 502/2332-6086; airport code GUA), which is about an hour away. Because Antigua is so near to Guatemala City, many travelers choose to stay in Antigua for their first and last nights, as well as a few more nights.

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How many days should I spend in Antigua Guatemala?

It is recommended that you spend three to five days in Antigua, exploring the streets, hiking the volcanoes, learning about the local traditions, and brushing up on your Spanish vocabulary. Guatemala, out of all the nations in Latin America, was the one that I discovered to have the greatest surprises and unexpected spots to uncover.

How far is Antigua Guatemala from the ocean?

What is the distance between Antigua Guatemala and Monterrico Beach? Between Antigua Guatemala to Monterrico Beach, the travel distance is 79 kilometers. The distance between the two points is 110.1 kilometers.

Is Antigua Guatemala safe for tourists?

Antigua Guatemala is regarded as a ‘fairly safe’ city on the Latin American backpacker path, and although this is true, it does not rule out the possibility of crime occurring there. Muggings and pickpocketings occur more regularly than you may imagine, but if you have your wits about you, there’s no cause to be concerned about your safety.

Does the Guatemala airport have WiFi?

At Guatemala City International Airport, free WiFi is accessible on the airside.

Is Guatemala cheaper than Mexico?

Mexico has a 20.8 percent lower cost of living than Guatemala.

What is Antigua Guatemala known for?

A major draw of Antigua Guatemala is its extensive remains of colonial buildings, which serve as a living museum of Spanish colonial history.

Can you drink the water in Guatemala?

Is it safe for me to drink the tap water? There are no rules in Guatemala, and the individual municipalities are responsible for the region’s water, which is considered safe to drink by both foreigners and many residents. The majority of the population drinks and cooks using bottled water.

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Does Guatemala require a Covid test?

Yes. Arriving and leaving passengers at La Aurora International Airport, as well as those crossing the border at land border crossings, are subjected to health screening procedures. Non-resident foreigners who arrive in Guatemala with symptoms of COVID-19 or who test positive for COVID-19 may be denied entrance into the country.

Does Uber work in Antigua Guatemala?

Uber is accessible in Guatemala, and I’ve heard of folks who have used it to go from the Guatemala City airport to Antigua. However, if you are traveling alone, I would not recommend it unless you are traveling after 7 p.m. due to traffic congestion and congestion (it will cost a fortune quite possibly more than a taxi).

Is Guatemala City Safe?

  1. Crime.
  2. Guatemala has one of the worst rates of violent crime in Latin America, according to the United Nations Development Programme.
  3. Despite the fact that local gangs are responsible for the vast majority of violent crime, occurrences are typically indiscriminate and can occur in tourist locations.
  4. Despite the high levels of violence in the country, the majority of visitors visiting Guatemala have a pleasant experience.