How much snow did philadelphia get yesterday?

How many inches of snow did Philadelphia get?

Philadelphia’s snowfall brought the seasonal total to 22.5 inches — a few flakes higher than the average for a whole season, and for those keeping score that would be 73 times what fell during the entire winter of 2019-20.

How much snow did Bensalem get?

Bensalem: 10.0 inches, 9:30 a.m.

What was the temperature yesterday in Philadelphia?

Philadelphia Weather History for the Previous 24 Hours

Conditions Comfort
Time Temp Wind
7:54 pm 63 °F 13 mph
6:54 pm 64 °F 10 mph
5:54 pm 65 °F 15 mph

What is the record snowfall in Philadelphia?

These records go back to 1926. Since then, the most amount of snow to land in one day at Philadelphia is 27.6 inches (70.1 centimetres) on January 7, 1996.

Philadelphia – Extreme Daily Snowfall for Each Year.

Inches Date Centimetres
19.4 January 23, 2016 49.3
7.5 March 05, 2015 19.1
13.5 January 21, 2014 34.3

What part of Philly is ghetto?

Usually, it is widely understood to be an area between Kensington Avenue to the east and Broad Street to the west, and between Hunting Park Avenue to the north and York Street to the south, mostly coinciding with the neighborhoods of Fairhill, Glenwood, Hunting Park, Harrowgate, Stanton, North Central, West Kensington,

Will it snow in Philadelphia in March 2020?

Precipitation will be near normal, with mostly below-normal snowfall. The snowiest periods will occur in mid-December and early March.

What’s the highest temperature in the world right now?

The current official highest registered air temperature on Earth is 56.7 °C (134.1 °F), recorded on 10 July 1913 at Furnace Creek Ranch, in Death Valley in the United States.

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What temp is hot?

In the range of 90˚ and 105˚F (32˚ and 40˚C), you can experience heat cramps and exhaustion. Between 105˚ and 130˚F (40˚ and 54˚C), heat exhaustion is more likely. You should limit your activities at this range.

How do you look back in the past weather?

Finding past weather Fast

  1. The Web site of the local WFO will then appear. On the left side of the page there will be a section called Climate in yellow-colored text.
  2. Several links may appear in the Climate section. Click on the one that applies to you.
  3. The page that follows will feature numerous categories and links.

Will it Snow in 2020 in Philadelphia?

The coldest month of the winter will be January followed by an above average February. At least one storm this season will bring six inches or more of snow. The FOX 29 Weather Authority is forecasting 18 inches of snow in Philadelphia and its suburbs for the 2020-2021 winter season.

What year was Snowmageddon?

The first “Snowmageddon” or “Snowpocalypse” snowstorm, as it was dubbed in social media, dumped over 20 inches of snow in many areas from southern Pennsylvania, northeastern West Virginia and Maryland into northern Virginia, Delaware and southern New Jersey Feb. 5-6, 2010.

What was the hottest day in Philadelphia?

Wednesday, Aug. 7, 1918, was the hottest day ever in Philadelphia. The official thermometer reached 106 degrees at 3.50 p.m., then the highest temperature since the city began keeping records in 1829.