How old is sofia kenin?

What is Sofia Kenin net worth?

How to contact Sofia Kenin?

Age 22
Endorsements FILA, Babolat, Motorola, GSE Worldwide
Net Worth US $2.9 million
Height 1.70 m
Coach Alex Kenin

Did Sofia Kenin win today?

MELBOURNE, Australia — Sofia Kenin, the reigning champion, was knocked out of the Australian Open on Thursday as the unseeded Kaia Kanepi of Estonia beat her decisively, 6-3, 6-2. Kenin’s second-round defeat was the first major upset of the tournament.

What is Serena Williams net worth?

Serena Williams: Net Worth 2021

Approximately, she earns more than $8 million a year through her tennis career. She also has an estimated net worth of $225 million.

Does Sofia Kenin have a mom?

Sofia Kenin’s family background. Sofia Kenin, who prefers to go by the name “Sonya”, was born on 14th November 1988 in Moscow but is a boldly proud American. Her parents Svetlana and Alexander Kenin left the Soviet Union in 1987 and migrated to the United States.

What racquet does Sofia Kenin use?

Sofia Kenin uses the Babolat Pure Drive USA when she is playing at the highest level. This is not too different from regular Babolat Pure Drive in terms of their specifications. Kenin also uses Babolat RPM and Babolat Natural Gut in the mains and crosses respectively as her tennis racquet strings.

Is Roger Federer a billionaire?

Roger Federer will reportedly become the first billionaire in tennis in 2020. Federer’s prize money earned through tournament success in tennis, together with his valuable sponsorships and partnerships with blue-chip firms like Rolex, has already earned him $900 million, reports.

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What’s Obama net worth?

List of presidents by peak net worth

Name Net worth (millions of 2016 US$) Political party
Barack Obama 40 Democratic
George W. Bush 39 Republican
James Monroe 30 Democratic-Republican
Martin Van Buren 29 Democratic

How much is Beyonce worth?

Superstar Beyoncé Knowles has a net worth of $420 million, according to Forbes. She earned $81 million in 2019 and ranked as one of the world’s highest-paid celebrities.