Question: How far is tacoma washington?

Is Tacoma safe?

Safety. Tacoma’s crime rates are a bit higher than the average for Washington towns and cities overall, but this does not mean you will be victimized or even feel unsafe when you’re out and about. Despite a near constant slew of insults from Seattleites, Tacoma is a beautiful city with many safe areas.

What is Tacoma famous for?

Known for its world-renowned glass art, Tacoma’s vibrant urban core is alive with culture. Find yourself surrounded by creativity and city sophistication when you eat, shop and stroll Tacoma’s downtown. The friendly city inspires many to celebrate the melding of old and new.

Is Tacoma better than Seattle?

Seattle is about 26% higher than the Washington state average cost of living and Tacoma is just under. Tacoma. Restaurant prices are 18% lower in Tacoma versus Seattle. Groceries are 35% higher in Seattle than Tacoma.

Is Tacoma a dangerous city?

The city’s property crime rankings definitely outweigh the violence risks, but it’s still considered the 8th most dangerous city for violent crimes. Tacoma is a pretty happy city, and it’s thriving — people are moving there in droves.

Why does Tacoma stink?

So in essence, the Tacoma Aroma is caused by some 100 years of industrial development around the tide flats of Commencement Bay. And the smell itself is a mix of natural decay, hydrogen sulfide, the vapors of animal rendering, and assorted industrial fumes.

What are the bad parts of Tacoma?

Most Dangerous Neighborhoods In Tacoma, WA

  • South Tacoma. Population 25,639. 51 % Violent Crimes 1,278 crimes / 100k people.
  • Central. Population 22,107. 42 %
  • South End. Population 39,768. 26 %
  • Newtacoma. Population 12,684. 11 %
  • Eastside-Enact. Population 31,293. -20 %
  • Ruston. Population 962. -25 %
  • West End. Population 26,425. -40 %
  • North End. Population 24,051. -75 %
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What do you call someone from Tacoma?

Demonym(s) Tacoman (plural: Tacomans)

Does it rain a lot in Tacoma Washington?

Temperate Climate & Average Rainfall

Tacoma averages just over 39 inches of rain per year, and the average high temperatures range from 48 degrees in January to 77 in July and August.

How cold does it get in Tacoma?

In Tacoma, the summers are short, warm, dry, and partly cloudy and the winters are very cold, wet, and mostly cloudy. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 37°F to 78°F and is rarely below 27°F or above 88°F.

Does Tacoma Washington get snow?

Precipitation is rain, snow, sleet, or hail that falls to the ground.

Climate Averages.

Tacoma, Washington United States
Snowfall 4.2 in. 27.8 in.
Precipitation 153.5 days 106.2 days
Sunny 141 days 205 days
Avg. July High 77.0° 85.8°

How far is Seattle to Tacoma?

There are 24.97 miles from Seattle to Tacoma in southwest direction and 34 miles (54.72 kilometers) by car, following the I-5 route. Seattle and Tacoma are 37 minutes far apart, if you drive non-stop.

What city has the highest crime rate in Washington State?

Table 2: Top 50 Most Dangerous Cities In Washington

Rank City Total Crime Rate Per 100,000 Inhabitants
1 Tukwila Previous rank: 1 16,321
2 Burlington Previous rank: 2 12,304
3 Union Gap Previous rank: 3 12,254
4 Chehalis Previous rank: 9 634

Is Olympia WA Safe?

The average property crime rate in the United States is 43.5 so Olympia is substantially higher than the national average. A large homeless population in some areas of downtown tend to take the blame for most of the crime while the outskirts and suburbs of Olympia tend to have little-to-no crime at all.

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Is Tacoma Washington a good place to retire?

With a growing population base, more residential and commercial development, and a mix of great culture, friendly residents, and a thriving economy, Tacoma is becoming a highly popular retirement destination in the Pacific Northwest.

What is the crime rate in Tacoma?

Violent crimes are defined in the UCR Program as those offenses which involve force or threat of force. The Tacoma WA crime rate for 2018 was 866.53 per 100,000 population, a 6.51% increase from 2017.

Tacoma WA Crime Rate 1999-2018.

City Name Population Rate
Tacoma 215,687 866.53
Spokane 218,222 798.27
Tukwila 20,288 729.50
Seattle 742,759 680.17