Question: Where Does The Book Life As We Knew It Take Place?

Setting: The story takes place in a little town in Pennsylvania where the Evans family lives. The house where they live consists of the family Mrs. Evans who is the mother of three kids Miranda, Matt, and Jonny.

Where does life as we know it book take place?

When an asteroid hits the moon and brings it closer to Earth, life in Northeastern Pennsylvania will never be the same again for Miranda and her family. The lack of food and extreme cold provides major threats to their survival.

When did the book Life as we knew it take place?

Life as We Knew It was published in 2006 and takes place in contemporary American culture. This is evident in the first part of the book, where the

What town does Miranda live in in life as we knew it?

Miranda Evans lives in Howell, Pennsylvania in Life as We Knew It. Howell is a fictional place representative of small town semi-rural Pennsylvania.

What is the plot of life as we knew it?

Life As We Knew It explores what happens to an ordinary family in a normal American town when their world changes forever. An asteroid hits the moon, knocking it into a closer orbit. This causes all kinds of disasters that bring the world to a halt.

Who is the main character in the book Life as we knew it?

The story is told in first person from the point of view of Miranda. It is presented as her diary, and so has an entry for almost every day. This is a very personal format, allowing Miranda to share with the reader her most intimate thoughts and feelings.

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What year was it in life as we knew it?

Miranda Evans: She is the main character, or protagonist, in the story. This 16-year-old teenage girl is described as skinny due to the lack of food, with green eyes and brown hair. The young adult lives with her two brothers, Matt and Jonny Evans, and her mom.

How old is Megan in Life As We Knew?

The sixteen-year-old narrator of the novel, which is told in the format of her diary entries.

What happened in Chapter 1 in life as we knew it?

Miranda and Laura fight about mistakes on Miranda’s math test and her tendency to be careless in general. Miranda is working on her moon assignments in her bedroom when older brother, Matt, calls from college, surprising her because he never calls at 10 pm.

Who died in life as we knew it?

A flu epidemic hits the town, and Miranda is the only one unaffected in her family. She cross-country skis to the hospital, hoping to find a family friend and doctor named Peter. Instead, the two nurses on duty tell her that Peter died of the flu over the weekend.

What happened at the end of the book Life as we knew it?

The novel ends on Miranda’s birthday, with her celebrating the fact that there’s food in the pantry, her family is alive and together, and with the hopeful assertion that she’s writing this journal not to chronicle her life for those who outlive her, but for herself, for a time when things look better than they are now

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What happened to Dan in life as we knew it?

He eventually succumbs to the flu epidemic. A member of Miranda’s swim team that she forms a brief romantic relationship with over the summer. They meet at Miller’s Pond until Dan’s parents decide he should leave and travel west in search of better conditions.

What is the conflict in life as we knew it?

Miranda shares how life changes after the asteroid hits, and the challenges that her family faces as civilization breaks down. Although Miranda struggles with selfishness and getting along with her mother and the issues they all face, she discovers the importance of family and how much she loves them.