Question: Who are the philadelphia eagles rivals?

Who are the biggest rivals in the NFL?

NFL’s top 10 divisional rivalries: Cowboys-Eagles, PackersBears battle for top spot on all-time list

  1. Packers vs. Bears. Overall series lead: Packers, 99-95-6.
  2. Cowboys vs. Eagles.
  3. Ravens vs. Steelers.
  4. Chiefs vs. Raiders.
  5. Redskins vs. Giants.
  6. Jets vs. Patriots.
  7. 49ers vs. Rams.
  8. Bills vs. Dolphins.

Are the Eagles and Giants rivals?

The EaglesGiants rivalry is a National Football League (NFL) rivalry between the Philadelphia Eagles and New York Giants. The rivalry began in 1933 with the founding of the Eagles, and slowly strengthened when both teams came to relative prominence in the 1940s and 1950s.

Are the Cowboys or Eagles better?

The Cowboys lead the overall series. The matchups have had the most frequent on NBC Sunday Night Football with a total of 15 and the Cowboys edging out with a 8–7 advantage. The teams have also met in the playoffs four times, with the Cowboys holding a 3–1 advantage.

What team has never beaten the Eagles?

The New York Jets have never beaten the Philadelphia Eagles. Ever. The Jets are 0-10 in their all-time series against the Birds. If that’s not bad enough, the last two losses have been gut-wrenching for New York.

Who is the Vikings biggest rival?

Minnesota Vikings

Rival Rival Points Aggregate
Green Bay Packers 65.00 81.78
Chicago Bears 17.09 26.94
New Orleans Saints 8.64 9.35
Detroit Lions 6.55 23.97

Who’s the best defense in the NFL 2020?

Team Defense

Rk Tm 1stD
1 Los Angeles Rams 280
2 Baltimore Ravens 347
3 Pittsburgh Steelers 281
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What is the oldest rivalry in football?

The Yale-Princeton rivalry is the oldest in college football, dating back to 1873. Yale and Princeton dominated the college football scene when this rivalry began, with Yale claiming 13 outright national titles and Princeton claiming eight between 1869 and 1894.

What is the greatest sports rivalry of all time?

10 Best Sports Rivalries of All Time

  • Green Bay Packers versus Chicago Bears.
  • Los Angeles Lakers versus Boston Celtics.
  • Joe Frazier versus Muhammad Ali.
  • Boston Red Sox versus New York Yankees.
  • Ohio State versus Michigan.
  • Duke versus North Carolina.
  • Chris Evert versus Martina Navratilova.
  • Arnold Palmer versus Jack Nicklaus.

Who won between Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles?

Andy Dalton threw for 377 yards and three touchdowns, two to Michael Gallup, and the Cowboys stayed alive in the playoff race with a 37-17 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday.

Who’s winning the Eagles or the Cowboys?

With that loss, the Dallas Cowboys beating the feathers off of the Philadelphia Eagles — with a 37-17 final score — keeps them in contention for the division title in Week 17, along with the New York Giants, their opponent in the regular season finale.

Did the Eagles win Thursday night?

Eagles complete the comeback effort, beat Giants, 22-21, in Thursday Night Football game.

How many times have the Redskins beat the Eagles?

Washington leads the all-time series 88–80–6. Washington has won five NFL championships including three Super Bowls, while the Eagles have won four NFL championships including one Super Bowl.

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Eagles–Washington rivalry.

Philadelphia Eagles Washington Football Team
First meeting October 21, 1934 Redskins 6, Eagles 0

How many wins do the Eagles have all time?

The Eagles currently have a franchise record of 586-608-26, with a playoff record of 23–23.