Quick Answer: How much is the subway in philadelphia?

How do you pay for the Philadelphia subway?

On SEPTA subway lines, pay by cash, token, paper pass or with funds loaded onto a SEPTA Key Card. To pay cash you need the exact fare, which is, at time of publication, $2.50 one-way. Tokens are cheaper at $2 and are sold in packs of two, five or 10.

How much is the train in Philadelphia?

The on-board fare is $8.00/person weekdays, $7.00/person evenings and weekends. However tickets bought in advance cost less. You can board a train at several airport terminal stops, and ride the Airport line directly into downtown Philadelphia.

Does Philadelphia have a subway system?

Philadelphia has 3 subway lines operated by SEPTA (Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority), the same company that is in charge of most of the city’s buses, trolleys and trains. An additional subway line is operated by the company PACTO.

How do you ride the train in Philadelphia?

Now let’s ride

  1. First things first.
  2. Go to your station.
  3. If the Ticket Office is open, you can purchase a SEPTA Key card with a One Day, Weekly, or Monthly Pass or Travel Wallet.
  4. If you are using a SEPTA Key card, tap the card on the Platform Fare Validator to “open” your trip.
  5. Always stand behind the yellow line.

Is Philadelphia subway safe?

1. Re: How safe is SEPTA in general? To get from the Society Hill area to the UofP area, the best bet would be the Market-Frankford El/Subway line, which is perfectly safe. You can catch it at 2nd Street or 5th Street and take it westbound.

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Does septa still take cash?

A: You may still use cash on board SEPTA buses and trolleys. Cashiers will no longer accept cash and tokens and will not issue transfers. Vending machines will be available at all subway-elevated stations.

Can I buy a ticket on Septa train?

A customer may purchase a Regional Rail ticket in advance from any station ticket office or our online store shop.SEPTA.org. A Regional Rail Ticket purchased in advance (A) saves money over the price of a Ticket purchase on board the train (B).

How long is a train ride to Philly?

The route can be as long as 81 miles, or 130 kilometers. On average, the journey takes 1 hour and 23 minutes. There are 11 train lines that operate on this route. Amtrak has the most daily trains.

How much does a Septa train ticket cost?

Purchase a SEPTA Key Quick Trip from the Fare Kiosks located on the Train Platforms (center boarding platform kiosk accepts cash/credit & debit, baggage claim side platform kiosk only accepts credit/debit only).


Weekday Evening/Weekend
CCP/1 $4.00 $4.00
Zone 2 $4.75 $4.25
Zone 3 $5.75 $5.25
Zone 4 $6.50 $5.25

Is Philadelphia a walkable city?

Walk Score rated the walkability of 2,500 cities and 10,000 neighborhoods across America — Walk Score’s walkability ranking is the only national, quantitative ranking of walkability in the United States.

What is Philadelphia known for?

What is Philadelphia known for? Philadelphia is most famous for the Liberty Bell, Rocky, cheesesteaks, and the Mummers. Additionally, it is known for its revolutionary history in general, the top-notch Philadelphia Orchestra, and being the “City of Brotherly Love”.

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How many days do you need to see Philadelphia?

2 Days in Philadelphia is ideal.

See the sights of Philadelphia in a weekend, or as part of a larger USA trip (New York City is just a quick train ride away, afterall). 2-3 days is the perfect amount of time. While this is a 2 day itinerary, I’ve included many additional suggestions if you want to enjoy another day.

Can I buy train ticket on train?

If there are no ticket purchasing facilities at the station (such as a booking office or a ticket machine, or they are closed/out of service), you may be able to buy your ticket on board the train.

How do you pay for a Septa train?

Fare Information for Transit & Regional Rail Travel

  1. SEPTA Key Fares Accepted on Transit.
  2. SEPTA Key Card loaded with a valid Pass – Weekly or Monthly TransPass. TrailPass (all Zones) Weekly or Monthly Cross County Pass (as applicable), One Day Convenience Pass or 3 Day Convenience Pass.
  3. NOT Valid on Buses or Regional Rail.

What is the subway called in Philadelphia?

SEPTA is the nation’s sixth-largest public transit system, with train, subway, trolley and bus lines serving 1.3 million customers every day, and giving visitors an easy, affordable way to explore Philly.