Readers ask: How much is parking at the fillmore philadelphia?

Does the Fillmore Philly have parking?

The Fillmore has multiple parking lots available to accommodate hundreds of cars. If you would like to pre-purchase parking and guarantee yourself a spot, you can do so while making an online ticket order.

Is there free parking in Philly?

Just make sure it’s not a ‘Passenger Loading Zone’. Free Parking Holidays: Philly has free parking days! Here they are.

Rules for free parking in Philadelphia:

Parking Holiday Date
Labor Day First Monday in September
Thanksgiving Fourth Thursday of November
Christmas Day December 25

How much does it cost to park in Philadelphia?

Park in a public garage or parking lot. There are two types of parking facility operators in Philadelphia: a) The Philadelphia Parking Authorrity (PPA). The PPA garages are usually the least expensive, averaging around $18.50 for 12 hopurs, or $20.50/day (24 hours).

Is the Fillmore in Philadelphia Safe?

Safety and Medical

Live Nation is dedicated to providing a safe environment. Public and private security will be present throughout the entire event. The Security Staff will be available to assist your needs including any medical requests.

Is the Fillmore 18+?

All patrons regardless of age must have a ticket to enter the facility. 18 or 21 shows will be noted online and will require valid ID. All Fillmore guests will be asked to provide valid ID, even if they have already been asked by casino staff.

Is the Fillmore Philly standing room only?

Though the Fillmore is primarily general admission, standing roomonly, there are VIP seating areas within the wraparound balcony. The Circle Bar—an upscale lounge for VIP service—is also a part of the venue’s second floor area.

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How much is street parking in Philadelphia?

Parking In Philadelphia

On-street metered parking costs $2/hour. Philadelphia meters accept coins and SmartCards as payment. The Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA) has been installing meter kiosks throughout the city. These kiosks accept coins, bills, credit cards and SmartCards.

Do I have to pay for parking in Philadelphia?

Philadelphia has thousands of metered spots throughout the city, perfect if you only plan to park for an hour or two. Each residential and business area of the city has parking regulations tailored to that neighborhood’s needs; signs indicate the time limit and the hours during which the meter must be paid.

Can you park overnight on the street in Philadelphia?

How does overnight parking work? You‘re able to park there overnight at meters. The same goes for restricted parking in residential areas. Just make sure to move your car when your two hours are up the next morning.

Are Philadelphia parking meters free on Sunday?

PPA announces free meter parking every Saturday after 11am through New Year’s Day and $8 flat fee in all Center City garages on Saturdays and Sundays, including our newest garage, The Family Courthouse Garage on Arch Street. Happy Holidays!

How much is monthly parking in Philadelphia?

8 Indoor Parking Garages in Philadelphia with Monthly Parking Rates

Address Monthly Parking Rate Reservation Link
201 N 17th St. $220 Book Now
733 Chestnut St. $300 Book Now
1001 South St. $260 Book Now
60 S 4th St. $260 Book Now

How do I get a parking permit in Philadelphia?

To get permit parking for your street, you first need to contact the Philadelphia Parking Authority and request a petition package. Once you obtain the petition package, you need to get signatures from at least 60% of the residents; including renters/owners of apartment complexes.

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Can you smoke at the Fillmore?

Smoking is not permitted inside the venue.

What is the Fillmore in Philadelphia?

The Fillmore is three venues within one: a 2,500 capacity main room; a 450-capacity “club within the club” called The Foundry for up-and-coming local artists, DJs and smaller touring bands; and a bar and lounge called Ajax Hall where patrons can grab a bite to eat or a drink.

Does the Fillmore have coat check?

Is there a coat check at the Fillmore? Yes, during the winter months our coat check will be open.