What State Is Guatemala City In?

Central America’s largest metropolis and the political, social, cultural, and economic center of the country, Guatemala City (Spanish: Guatemala, full name Ciudad de Guatemala) is the capital of Guatemala and the country’s largest city in Central America.

What is the capital of Guatemala called?

Guatemala City (Spanish: Ciudad de Guatemala), also known as Guatemala or Guate, is the capital and largest city of Guatemala and the most populous urban area in Central America. It is officially known as Ciudad de Guatemala (Article 231 of the Political Constitution of the Republic of Guatemala), and is the most populous urban area in the country.

Where is Guatemala on the world map?

Costa Rica and the Republic of Guatemala are located in Central America, which is the southernmost region of the North American continent. The Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea border the country’s borders. Guatemala City serves as the country’s capital.

What type of government does Guatemala have?

Guatemala. This country in Central America is the most populous in the region, with an estimated population of roughly 16.6 million people. Guatemala is a representative democracy whose headquarters and main city is Nueva Guatemala de la Asunción, popularly known as Guatemala City. The country’s population is around 4.5 million.

What are the 3 most populated cities in Guatemala?

Guatemala’s most populated cities are listed below. Rank the Population Department of a city or town from 1 to 10. Guatemala City has a population of 942,348 people. The population of Guatemala is 384,428 people. Guatemala 3 Villa Nueva 301,947 (Villa Nueva) Guatemala 4 Quetzaltenango has a population of 120,496 people. Quetzaltenango has another 53 rows to go.

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What states are in Guatemala?

  1. Guatemala’s departments include: Alta Verapaz
  2. Chimaltenango
  3. Guatemala
  4. Sacatepequez
  5. Solola
  6. Totonicapan
  7. and Totonicapan.

Does Guatemala have provinces or states?

Guatemala is split into 22 Departamentos, which are roughly analogous to states in the United States and provinces in Canada, despite the fact that the country’s government administration is closely tied to the capital city of Guatemala City.

Is Guatemala near Honduras?

Concerning the country of Guatemala Guatemala is a nation in Central America located south of Mexico, bordering the Pacific Ocean on one side and the Gulf of Honduras on the other, and the Caribbean Sea on the other. It shares borders with the countries of Belize, El Salvador, and Honduras.

How many cities are there in Guatemala?

In the vicinity of the city, there are two active volcanoes, and the city is located inside the ‘Ring of Fire,’ making it susceptible to earthquakes. Villa Nueva, Guatemala’s second-largest city, is located just 16 kilometers south of the capital, in the state of Chimaltenango. Population.

Name 2022 Population
Guatemala City 994,938
Mixco 473,080
Villa Nueva 406,830
Petapa 141,455

Is Guatemala located in Spain?

Its official name is the Republic of Guatemala (Spanish: Repblica de Guatemala). Guatemala, officially the Republic of Guatemala (Spanish: Repblica de Guatemala), is a Central American country bordered by Mexico to the north and west, Belize and the Caribbean to the northeast, Honduras and El Salvador to the east, and the Pacific Ocean to its south.

What regions are in Guatemala?

  1. Guatemala’s geographical regions the metropolitan region (1.1), the north (1.2), the northeast (1.3), the southeast (1.4), the central region (1.5), the southwest (1.6), the northwest (1.7), the northwest (1.8), and the petén region (1.1).
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What are the 3 regions of Guatemala?

Two mountain ranges divide Guatemala into three major regions: the highlands, where the mountains are located; the Pacific coast, which is south of the mountains; and the limestone plateau of the Petén region, which is north of the mountains. The highlands are divided into three major regions by the mountains, which are located in the Petén region.

What do you call someone from Guatemala?

Those who identify as Guatemalans (also known as guatemaltecos or guatemalenses) are those who have a connection to the country of Guatemala. This link might be a physical one, a legal one, a historical one, or a cultural one. Many (though not all) of these ties are present in the everyday lives of the vast majority of Guatemalans.

What are the zones in Guatemala City?

Orientation. Almost everything of importance is concentrated in five zones: Zone 1 in the northern part of the city, where you’ll find the Palacio Nacional; Zona 4 in the center; and Zonas 9 and 10 as well as Zona 13 in the southern part of the city. The most prominent feature is the Parque Central, which is located in the middle of Zona 1.

Is Guatemala near Brazil?

Guatemala has a border with Brazil on the east side of the country. The indicated easterly heading from Brazil is merely a best-guess estimation.

Is Guatemala a state or a country?

Guatemala is a nation in the Central American region.