Who won the washington redskins game last night?

Did Washington win the game yesterday?

Washington score, results: Washington clinches NFC East with win in Philly. Following punts from both teams, Washington got the ball back at its 45-yard line, thanks to a 20-yard return by Steve Sims Jr., with 1:24 to play in the half.

What was the final score of the Redskins game last night?

Their 47-16 win over the Washington Redskins required an accompanying loss by the Philadelphia Eagles to the New York Giants in order to back into the playoffs by way of winning the NFC East, but it was not to be.

Who won between Cowboys and Washington?

Washington throttled their rivals on Turkey Day

Ron Rivera and his team got the best of the Dallas Cowboys for the second time this season, as they registered a 41-16 victory on Thanksgiving.

Who is better Cowboys or Redskins?

The two teams have met each other 122 times (including 2 postseason games), with the Washington Football Team winning 47 games and the Dallas Cowboys winning 73 games. They have also tied 2 times.

Why is the Washington Redskins new name?

Washington dropped the name Redskins this summer amid simmering controversy that the moniker was racist to Native Americans. That issue had been ongoing for decades but came to a head in July when corporate sponsors began to pressure the organization with millions of dollars on the line.

What quarterback did the Washington Redskins just sign?

It took less than two games to transform quarterback Taylor Heinicke from a guy whose NFL career appeared over to signing a multiyear contract.

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How many times have Cowboys beat Redskins?

Cowboys–Washington rivalry

Meetings total 122 meetings
All-time series Cowboys, 73–47–2
Postseason results Washington, 2–0 December 31, 1972, Redskins 26, Cowboys 3 January 22, 1983, Redskins 31, Cowboys 17
Largest victory Cowboys, 38–3 (1993) Washington, 35–7 (2005)

Is Washington in the playoffs?

Washington Football Team wins NFC East, will meet Tampa Bay, Tom Brady in NFL playoffs. The victory sealed the postseason bid for 7-9 Washington, which will host the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (11-5) in the wildcard round of the playoffs on Saturday night (8:15 p.m., ET, NBC).

Did Cowboys beat Washington?

Washington beats the Cowboys to take NFC East lead. The Washington Football Team leaned on its defense and rushing attack to beat the Dallas Cowboys 41-16 on Thursday to vault into first place in the NFC East.

When was the last time Washington swept the Cowboys?

2012: The last time Washington swept the Cowboys in a season was in 2012, which still stands as the team’s best season of the 2000s. That was the year RGIII and Alfred Morris were setting the league on fire.

Did Washington win?

General George Washington led the American army to victory during the Revolutionary War. While he lost more battles than he won, Washington employed a winning strategy that included victories at the Battle of Trenton in 1776 and Yorktown in 1781.

Who are the Redskins biggest rival?

5 greatest rivals in Washington Redskins franchise history

  • Los Angeles Rams. I considered putting the Arizona Cardinals here because of their extremely long history with the Redskins.
  • Baltimore Ravens. The Rams are considered rivals because of the whole Griffin III trade situation.
  • Philadelphia Eagles. Let’s move on to the NFC East.
  • New York Giants.
  • Dallas Cowboys.
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Who is the Dallas Cowboys biggest rival?

1. Green Bay Packers. The Packers are the Cowboys’ biggest rival; two teams that defined the pre-merger era and vaulted the Super Bowl era into the notoriety we know today.

What year did the Redskins beat the Cowboys?

On December 31st, 1972 the Washington Redskins defeat the Dallas Cowboys to win the NFC Title on New Years Eve.