Quick Answer: What Is The Best Pool Cover For Winter?

In-Ground Pool Winter Covers

  • Water Warden Pool Safety Cover.
  • Blue Wave Rectangular In-Ground Safety Cover.
  • Pool Mate Heavy Duty In-Ground Pool Cover.
  • Robelle Dura-Guard Above Ground Winter Pool Cover.
  • Intex Deluxe All-Weather Pool Cover.
  • Pool Mate Winter Pool Cover for Above Ground Swim Pools.

How do I choose a winter pool cover?

If you are looking for a winter pool cover that will provide safety and security from accidental drowning you need a safety cover. They are far more heavy duty and secure than the regular mesh or woven covers, as they are not designed only to keep debris out of the pool but to protect against anyone falling in.

What do I need to know about winter pool covers?

Solid Winter Covers, are a tightly woven and laminated barrier to protect your pool water from sunlight and contamination, to prevent pool stains and changes to your winter water balance. They can effectively keep your water clear and blue all winter long when maintained properly.

Should I leave my pool cover on in winter?

If installing a pool cover over winter, wait until the chlorine level has reduced to between 2-3ppm. The pool cover will maintain 90% of the chlorine (produced by your chlorinator) in the pool, as opposed to loosing 70% of chlorine in an uncovered pool. A pool cover is really worth it!

What’s the difference between a winter pool cover and a regular pool cover?

A winter cover is essentially an incredibly large tarp that goes over your pool and sits on the water in the winter time to help keep out debris. The cover is held in place by water bags, which will need to be replaced often. Winter covers are initially the easiest to install and the most cost-effective choice upfront.

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What should I look for in a pool cover?

To properly cover and close, your pool cover must be that is the correct size of your pool. For an in-ground pool, according to experts, your pool cover should extend at least 3 inches past the edge of the pool. Prior to purchasing a cover, you will need to measure to find the correct dimensions of your swimming pool.

Which are the best pool covers?

The 10 Best Swimming Pool Covers

  • Best for Above-Ground Pools: Blue Wave Pool Cover. BUY ON AMAZON.
  • Best for In-Ground Pools: Sun2Solar Solar Cover.
  • Safety Pick: Happybuy Pool Safety Cover.
  • Intex Solar Cover.
  • Blue Wave Solar Blanket.
  • Sun2Solar Solar Cover.
  • Blue Wave Rectangular Leaf Net.
  • Blue Wave Rectangular Pool Safety Cover.

How tight should a pool cover be?

How Tight Should a Safety Cover Be? Safety covers should be drum-tight, with only a slight deflection in the middle. When covers are too loose, leaves can blow under easily, and a high water level in springtime quickly traps leaves and turns your cover into a giant tea bag.

How big should my winter pool cover be?

When choosing a cover, you look for them by your pool’s ACTUAL SIZE. The cover that you get will be bigger than your pool by 3 or 4 feet (depending on which cover you order and varies by manufacturer). For example if your pool is 24ft round you would choose that size and choose one of the covers listed on that page.

Can I run filter with pool cover on?

It is invaluable for keeping your water clean and suitable for swimming. It is perfectly safe to run the pump while the solar cover is on the pool. It is recommended that you run the pump 5-12 hours a day depending on the weather. With the solar cover on, you can conserve heat while the water circulates.

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What happens if you don’t winterize your pool?

The harsh weather conditions throughout the winter season can create potential damage to more than just the pipes. What happens when you don’t winterize your pool is that the water could turn green with algae. If the chlorine system stops functioning, you’ll say adieu to the beautiful blue pool you know and love.

Does a pool cover increase chlorine?

If your pool has a liner, the high water acidity can damage it. And it can have the same effect on your pool cleaner too. A common reason for high chlorine can be the addition of a pool cover. Leaving the pool cover on for extended periods, can dramatically increase the chlorine very quickly.

Are micro mesh pool covers good?

Mesh covers typically last longer than vinyl covers. I’ve found the average lifespan for a mesh cover to be 10–15 years. Mesh covers do not need a pump on top because they just let the pool water pass through. Since there’s no pump, mesh covers generally require no work during the offseason.

Whats the difference in solar covers?

Clear solar pool covers are colorless, so they do not absorb light. Without absorbing sunlight, the transparent covers do not build up any heat. The difference between regular clear covers and solar covers is that a clear solar cover can help hold heat in, even when the sun goes down.

What is the difference between a pool cover and a solar cover?

Solar pool covers work – but it’s important to keep in mind that these types of covers serve a very different purpose than other types of covers. Unlike other pool covers (such as safety covers, winter covers, and automatic covers), solar swimming pool covers are designed to absorb and retain sunlight and heat.