What Clothes To Bring To Guatemala?

General Clothing

  • One or two pairs of nice pants (lightweight material that dries quickly is helpful)
  • Two to four pairs of work pants or jeans.
  • Four T-shirts or short-sleeve polo shirts.
  • Two or three blouses or dress shirts.
  • Two-week supply of underwear and socks.
  • One pair of long underwear.
  • One pair of wool socks.

What clothes to take to Guatemala?

Essentials include light-colored pants and shirts (leave your shorts at home), swimwear, sarong, and a light raincoat or windbreaker. light wool is a good choice to wear against your skin as it naturally helps to regulate your body temperature.

What is the dress code in Guatemala?

There’s no special dress code for women to consider when visiting Guatemala, though you might want to avoid seriously short skirts or tight tops to avert potential hassle. Generally in indigenous areas, most local women wear a calf-length skirt, but it’s fine for foreigners to wear trousers or knee-length short pants.

What should I bring to Guatemala?

The Top 7 Souvenirs to Bring Back From Guatemala

  • Ron Zacapa. A great present for the rum-lovers in your life, or a wonderful souvenir for yourself, is a bottle of Guatemala’s most famous rum.
  • Quetzalteca.
  • Guatemalan coffee.
  • Jade jewelry.
  • Table runner.
  • Pottery.
  • Masks.

Is fashion important in Guatemala?

Guatemala may be known more for its culture and landscape than for its fashion, but things are about to change. Though this small Central American country only held its first fashion week in 2014, fashion has become increasingly important and fashion influencers more prominent.

Can I wear shorts in Guatemala?

Modest Clothing Modest, feminine clothing is a must when visiting Guatemala. Skirts or dresses that fall below the knee are a common choice for business and pleasure. Khaki pants or dress slacks can also be worn in some areas, though shorts are typically discouraged and often identify a woman as a tourists.

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How much money should I bring to Guatemala?

How much money will you need for your trip to Guatemala? You should plan to spend around Q304 ($39) per day on your vacation in Guatemala, which is the average daily price based on the expenses of other visitors.

What is a typical dish in Guatemala?

Here are some of our favorite picks for traditional food in Guatemala:

  • Pepian. This traditional chicken stew comes from the central region of Guatemala and comes served with veggies and rice.
  • Rellenitos.
  • Tostadas.
  • Arroz en leche.
  • Enchilada.
  • Champurradas.
  • Gallo en Chicha.
  • Tapado.

Can you use credit cards in Guatemala?

All major credit cards are accepted in Guatemala, although MasterCard and Visa will give you the greatest coverage, while American Express and Diners Club are slightly less widely used and accepted.

Is Guatemala a cheap place to visit?

Guatemala is a very cheap country to travel to if you are careful. If you are not, you may find many places will cost just the same as your home country. Just don’t travel here to buy fancy things, because the cost of import means you’ll pay a lot more than you should for a new camera or phone.

What should I wear to Tikal?

There is a lot of walking involved at Tikal as the ruins are quite spread out in the jungle so wear good shoes (not flip flops or sandals of any sort). I recommend wearing comfortable, lightweight, and loose fitting clothing as well.

What is the best time of year to visit Guatemala?

The best time to visit Guatemala is during the dry season, which runs from November to April. However, the country has a pleasant climate that lends itself to year-round trips, with temperatures between 72°F and 90°F.

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What should I pack for Guatemala rainy season?

Rain jacket or poncho during the wet season (May-October). Shoes – depending on the activities you have planned, you need a pair of sturdy hiking shoes or light walking shoes, and a nice pair of sandals for the evening.

Why do Guatemalans wear skirts?

The women honor their ancestors by wearing a red corte (skirt) with yellow stripes held up by a woven faja (belt or sash). The women also wear a huipil (a traditional square-cut blouse) made with embroidered designs.

What does traditional Guatemalan dress demonstrate?

The tradition behind the making and wearing the Typical Guatemala Costume shows the “cultural richness” of this country. History, religion and the Mayan sacred calendar has inspired such variety of designs and colors. The colors that stand the most are ‘ reds, blues and yellows ‘.

What are 5 interesting facts about Guatemala?

11 Surprising Cultural Facts You Didn’t Know About Guatemala

  • The national bird lends its name to the Guatemalan currency.
  • Guatemala means “land of many trees”
  • It has been inhabited for 20,000 years.
  • 22 languages are spoken in the country.
  • The CIA overthrew a socialist government in 1954.