FAQ: How Big Do Broad Breasted Bronze Turkeys Get?

Broad Breasted Bronze Turkeys are immense birds — much like the Giant White Turkey — measuring up to four feet in length, with a six-foot wing span. A full-grown tom will weigh in at about 38 pounds, hens easily reach 22 pounds.

How fast do bronze turkeys grow?

Traditional turkey breeds are known for fast growth and high production. Broad Breasted White or Bronze turkeys can grow between 30 pounds (females) and 50 pounds (males) in just five months. Both breeds are raised commercially.

How big do standard bronze turkeys get?

The Bronze variety is stately and imposing in appearance. The standard weight for young toms is 25 pounds and 16 pounds for young hens. Since, however, the Standard Bronze has not been selected for production attributes, including weight gain for years; so many birds may be smaller than the standard.

How fast do broad breasted bronze turkeys grow?

How Long Does it Take to Raise a Turkey? If you are raising BB turkeys, they will reach butchering weight faster than a heritage breed. I found that in about 3 1/2 months I had Broad Breasted turkeys that dressed out at around 12-14 pounds. After 4 1/2 to 5 months they dressed out in the 15-19 pound range.

Are bronze turkeys good for eating?

Feeding and Nutrition If you are raising Broad Breasted Bronze turkeys, they are only good for meat production and you’ll want to leave them on the flock raiser until it is time for processing. Standard Bronze turkeys being raised primarily for meat can also eat flock raiser until processing time.

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Can broad breasted turkeys fly?

Unfortunately, although the most numerous turkey around, the broad-breasted white turkey cannot breed, cannot fly and cannot survive with human assistance.

Do broad breasted turkeys gobble?

Our turkeys still have not made the GOBBLE GOBBLE noise. They make a noise similar to a person whistling.

Do broad breasted bronze turkeys fly?

While we have to raise the heritage turkeys in moveable pens because they can fly over fences, the broad breasted can’t fly, so they stay put, and we can let them free range in the pasture, which makes them a little easier to care for.

Do bronze breasted turkeys fly?

Able to fly and like to roost well off the ground, they are excellent foragers and like to range.

How long to broad breasted turkeys live?

The life span of a broad-breasted white turkey is between two and five years. Generally, the male broad-breasted white turkey lives a shorter life than a female. Although, people kill them for their meat.

How long do turkeys live for?

The best age to butcher a Broad Breasted Turkey is 16-20 weeks, for heritage breed turkeys it’s 24-28 weeks. Congratulations! Home raised turkey will really up your skills and confidence, not to mention your holiday meals!

What is the best tasting breed of turkey?

The heritage breeds, with names like Narragansett and Bourbon Red, are supposed to be much more flavorful. The birds have a longer growing period than commercial turkeys; as a result, they have an extra layer of fat. They also have a higher proportion of dark meat.