FAQ: How Do You Get Chromatic Metal?

Put the Copper in the Refiner, with fuel, and craft – it’s as simple as that. Add Copper, or any of the other resources (Cadmium, Emeril or Indium) that make it on the left, add fuel (Carbon or Condensed Carbon) at the top, and start it crafting, and you’ll get Chromatic Metal on the right. Hooray!

What metals make chromatic?

A processed metal alloy, created in a Refiner from the stellar metals: Copper, Cadmium, Emeril and Indium. The rarer the stellar metal, the more Chromatic Metal it will produce. This valuable metal is used in the creation of many advanced technologies.

How do you get infinite chromatic metal?

Infinite Chromatic Metal Just put the four Indium and four Chromatic Metals into the refiner to produce eight Indium. Then add four of those eight Indium into the refiner again, or a second one, to get eight Chromatic Metal. Repeat the process as many times as you want, never losing any resources.

Can you refine chromatic metal?

Refining Chromatic Metal In No Man’s Sky A refiner is needed to begin crafting Chromatic Metal. A basic Portable Refiner can be built using Metal Plating and Oxygen. Once a Refiner is secured, add Carbon into the fuel tank and your mineral of choice. The mineral will be refined into Chromatic Metal!

How do you make Emeril?

Once the player has Medium Refiner/Large Refiner, they can use it to produce limitless Emeril:

  1. Start with x5 Emeril.
  2. Refine x2 Emeril to create x3 Chromatic Metal.
  3. Refine x3 Emeril and x3 Chromatic Metal to create x6 Emeril.
  4. Repeat steps 2-3, creating x1 extra Emeril for every x5 Emeril started with.
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How do you make deuterium?

Deuterium is created through the process of refining Di-hydrogen and Tritium in either a medium or large refiner. You need these larger refiners because the material requires two slots to create. Di-hydrogen is found on pretty much every planet, located in veins of blue crystal minerals.

How do you make activated Copper NMS?

Game description A chromatic metal, generated by fusion in the heart of a star. This Copper has been activated by the extreme conditions in which it was formed, and is highly valuable. Copper is found on planets orbiting yellow stars, and can be placed in a Refiner to create purified Chromatic Metal.

Can you make cadmium in no man’s sky?

Using the Cadmium Drive to Get Cadmium To get Cadmium in No Man’s Sky head to your Galactic Map. Now you’ll need to warp to a red system using your Cadmium Drive. Scan planets and then mine Cadmium, easy!

How do you refine condensed carbon?

Condensed Carbon can be refined using a Refiner with the following ingredients:

  1. Carbon Crystal x1 → Condensed Carbon x150 (“Carbon Melting”, 2 sec./unit output)
  2. Carbon x2 → Condensed Carbon x1 (“Condense Carbon”, 0.45 sec./unit output)

How do I get Aronium in no man’s sky?

Aronium can be refined using a Refiner with the following ingredients:

  1. Paraffinium x30 + Tritium x20 + Cobalt x60 → Aronium x1 (“Alloy Latticing”, 90 sec./unit output)
  2. Paraffinium x30 + Tritium x20 + Ionised Cobalt x30 → Aronium x1 (“Alloy Latticing”, 90 sec./unit output)

How do you get the refiner in no man’s sky?

How to Build a Refiner in No Man’s Sky

  1. Press up on the d-pad to access the build menu, this can be done on any planet surface or in your base or freighter.
  2. Scroll across to the “portable technology” section.
  3. Hit up again.
  4. Select the Refiner, you’ll need a Metal Plating (50 Ferrite Dust), and Oxygen (30) to craft it.
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How do you build a quantum computer in no man’s sky?

Go to a manufacturing facility and clear the alarm. When you get the choice, select to unlock a blueprint. The quantum computer is an option, along with a few other new blueprints (magnetic resonator, hydraulic wiring, & amino chamber).

How do you build antimatter housing?

Antimatter Housing can be crafted using 50 Ferrite Dust and 30 Oxygen. By crafting this Antimatter Housing, you’ll be able to combine it with Antimatter and create a Warp Cell, giving your ship enough fuel for a warp jump.

How do you make pyrite NMS?

How to get pyrite?

  1. 1 gold + 1 oxygen = Pyrite,
  2. 2 Uranium + 1 pure ferrite = Pyrite,

How do you craft Pugneum?

10 Pugneum = 1 Nanite Cluster. 2 Pure Ferrite + 1 Pugneum = 3 Magnetised Ferrite. 1 Sodium + 1 Pugneum = 1 Sodium Nitrate. 1 Sodium Nitrate + 1 Pugneum = 3 Sodium Nitrate.