FAQ: What Did Iqbal Masih Accomplish?

Iqbal became a debt slave at an early age in Pakistan, for the owner of a rug factory who then sold him on. In 2000, he received The World’s Children’s Honorary Award 2000 posthumously, for his struggle for the rights of debt slave children.

What did Iqbal Masih do?

Iqbal Masih became a debt slave in a carpet factory in Pakistan when he was a child. He is a symbol for the struggle against child labour and in 2000, he received the first World’s Children’s Prize for the Rights of the Child posthumously (after his death).

Why did Iqbal Masih refuse to go back to the factory?

Iqbal refused to go back to the carpet mill where he had worked because he knew his rights as a citizen. Although a child labor law existed in Pakistan, it was not enforced. Soon after receiving the award, Iqbal returned to Pakistan, where he was murdered, on April 16, 1995.

How did Iqbal change the world?

At the age of 10, he escaped the brutal slavery and later joined a Bonded Labor Liberation Front of Pakistan to help stop child labour around the world, and Iqbal helped over 3,000 Pakistani children that were in bonded labour, escape to freedom. Iqbal gave talks about child labour all around the world.

Why is Iqbal Masih important?

Historical Importance: Iqbal Masih was a young Pakistani boy who was forced into bonded labor at age four. After being freed at age ten, Iqbal became an activist against bonded child labor. He became a martyr for his cause when he was murdered at age 12.

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What awards did Iqbal Masih win?

The Iqbal Masih Award was named after a Pakistani child who was sold into slavery as a carpet weaver at age 4, escaped at 10 and became an outspoken public advocate against child exploitation. In 1994 he received the Reebok Human Rights Award.

What did Iqbal Masih say?

In 1994, Iqbal Masih, appeared on American TV networks, a thin, malformed child crushed by child labor. He told his audience that he would like to become a lawyer so that he could devote his life to liberating children from forced labour into which they are sold by their parents.

Who is Hussain Khan in Iqbal?

Ustad Iqbal Hussain Khan belongs to Gwalior Gharana and his father Ustad Qurban Hussain Khan. He was well-versed in several forms of classical singing. He has four daughters and one son Ateeq Hussain Khan Bandanawazi who has learnt Qawwali since childhood from his father and resembles his voice and style.

How did Iqbal Masih make a difference?

Iqbal Masih’s life was cut short just shy of 13 years but his powerful and eloquent speeches encouraged thousands of bonded laborers and child slaves to follow his example. He brought awareness and promoted education so that others could stand up for their rights and end the injustice in sweatshops around the world.

Is Iqbal Masih still alive?

Why was Iqbal bonded to his master? He wanted to help his family. His brother was sick and his family needed the $26 for food. His father was an abusive man who never wanted a son.