FAQ: What Does Clear Mean In Badminton?

Clear – A shot hit deep to the opponent’s back boundar>Nine. The high clear is a defensive shot, while the flatter attacking clear is used offensively. Court – Area of play, as defined by the outer boundary lines.

How do you get clear in badminton?

Here are the steps for the Badminton Overhead Clear.

  1. Move into position and get behind the shuttle.
  2. Raise your Racket Arm and Non-Racket Arm.
  3. Your body should face sideways with your feet pointing slightly sideways.
  4. Commence your Forehand Stroke.
  5. Take the shuttle at the Highest Point possible.
  6. Complete a Full Arm Swing.

Why are Clears used in badminton?

The badminton clear (known as lobbing in most Asian countries) is the most important badminton shot, especially in a singles game. In a singles game, players use the clear more than any other types of shots. A high defensive clear prevents your opponent from smashing from a good angle.

What are the 4 clears in badminton?

Different trajectories

  • The standard clear. The height of a clear is a balance between attack and defence.
  • Defensive clears.
  • Attacking clears.
  • Straight clears.
  • Cross-court clears.
  • Clears to your opponent’s backhand.

What is forehand clear?

The forehand clear shot enables players to move their opponent to the back of the court. This will create space in the mid and front court to exploit and provide time for the player to return to their base position.

What are types of badminton clears?

You can play two types of Badminton Clears, Attacking Clear and Defensive Clear. Attacking clear has a trajectory that runs almost parallel to the ground. The shuttle travels flat and fast towards your opponents back court.

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What are the two clear or lob types in badminton?

Clear – A high shot or lob which falls close to the back line. Cross Court – Hitting the birdie diagonally over the net. Doubles – A game played between two teams of two players. Drive – A hard stroke that just clears the net and does not rise high enough to smash.