FAQ: What Is Editha?

“Editha” is a short story by William Dean Howells. The story begins with Editha’s fiance, George Gearson, announcing that war is imminent. For Editha, George’s exuberance is a change from his usual tentative manner.

What Editha means?

The clouds in George’s glass of lemonade could also symbolize the gathering clouds of war, which hint ominously at what is to come. Two symbols stand out in “Editha.” The first opens the story and sets the symbolic mood of “Editha,” a rather idealistically self-centered and unrealistic young woman.

How is Editha an example of realism?

The short story contains a number of characteristics of Realism, such as the representation of real life, a focus on ordinary people, middle-class characters, interacting within themes of society and social classes. Despite having blind faith in her country, Editha is not a heroine.

Is Editha a patriot?

To do this, Editha’s personalities are irrational patriotism, selfish romanticism understanding, and unrealistic ideas about war. Editha is guilty of exaggerated irrational patriotism to push George to the war. She believes that there is no question of wrong since the war has come.

What is the theme of Editha?

The themes of “Editha” include war, media, and patriotism. War is a major theme in the story and the impetus of the events that take place. The story is set during the Spanish–American War, and the characters all have different perspectives and opinions on it.

What was Editha doing at the end of the story?

By the end, though, Editha is unchanged. It only takes one woman to tell her that she did the right thing and that the war was good for the country. As soon as she hears this, her spirits are lifted, and she goes back to being someone who believes in the ideal version of the world as it’s presented to her.

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How does Editha show romanticism?

William Dean Howells’ opinion of romanticism is his novel “Editha” by having the character of Editha symbolize his views on romanticism. One of the ways Editha views life is that to have good things one must prove himself or herself worthy of it, for instance her love.

Is Editha realism or naturalism?

Traditionally “ Editha” has been treated as a realist story, but the roles Editha and George exemplify point towards naturalism since both characters are unconscious of the social forces that propel them to the major crisises in the story.

Who is the main character in Editha?

Editha Balcom: The protagonist of the story. Editha is enamored with the idea of war. She sees war as the only means of restoring the liberty of her people. In the story, Editha pressures her fiance into signing up to fight.

How does the characterization of Editha illustrate Howells’s critique of romantic idealism?

“Editha” effectively illustrates Howells’ Realistic philosophy, particularly his belief that sentimental literature is “false” and actually dangerous to read because it gives people “misleading” notions about life.

What does Editha want and why?

Editha believes that a man should prove himself worthy of her. She would have preferred that George do something grand to secure her love from the beginning. Now that war is upon them, Editha believes that Providence has intervened on her behalf. She likens the coming war to a sacred undertaking.

What is the tone of Editha?

The tone belies the bitterness felt by the reader as he delves into the lives of the characters. A disagreement between the unrealistic Editha and the more pragmatic George takes the reader to the heart of the story. Editha wants her boyfriend to go off to war to serve his country, and he is not sure about it.

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Who says glorious in Editha?

“Their courtship,” in fact, “was contemporaneous with the growth of the war feeling,” and our first glimpse of Editha shows her “with lips parted and panting with the intensity of the question whether she could let him go. sion, and uttered from deep in her throat, ‘How glorious! ‘” (p. 338).

What is the conflict in Editha?

The main conflict of the story is that Editha pushes George Gearson, her fiancé, to enlist and fight in the Spanish-American War. Unlike Editha, George does not believe that war is glorious or a part of God’s plan.

What happened to George’s father during war?

George’s father had settled there after the Civil War, as so many other old soldiers had done; but they were Eastern people, and Editha fancied touches of the East in the June rose overhanging the front door, and the garden with early summer flowers stretching from the gate of the paling fence.

What was the theme of Story of an Hour by Kate Chopin?

One of the clearest themes found in The Story of an Hour is the theme of freedom. Once the grief of finding out her husband died passes over her, Louise begins to realize that with his passing she has the freedom to live her own life. You can see the moment this realization hits as she whispers, “free, free, free.”