FAQ: What Is The Beast In Enriques Journey?

The Beast is the term that Enrique and other migrants use for the treacherous and terrible state of Chiapas in Mexico. It becomes a symbol for the dangers and threats that the journey as a whole to the United States holds for migrant children who wish to make it to their parents.

What are some symbols in Enrique’s Journey?

The freight trains that Enrique and countless other migrants take through Mexico symbolize deliverance —or at least the promise of salvation—since they are a means by which migrants hope to achieve better lives in the more prosperous United States. The trains simultaneously symbolize great danger.

What does the train ate him up mean?

“The train ate him up.” When the train leans away, it is higher.

What is El madrina in Enrique’s Journey?

In the brush, Enrique’s main concern are madrinas, civilians who help the authorities. Carrying machetes, they often comb the areas around checkpoints and are known to commit horrible crimes.

What is El Norte in Enrique’s Journey?

In Honduras, and throughout Central America, the United States is referred to as El Norte. When he was five, Enrique’s mother left him and his sister in Honduras, recognizing that the only way she could provide for her family was by immigrating illegally into the States, finding work, and sending money back.

What do migrants call Chiapas?

What do migrants call Chiapas? The beast.

What diction is used in Enrique’s Journey?

As Enrique is experiencing his migration, the author uses negative diction and imagery to give you the feeling of being alone and trying to survive through prejudice, illegal gangs, abusive officers, fallen relationships, and reconnecting old relationships.

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What dangers does Enrique face on his journey?

Enrique’s Journey tells the story of one teenage boy from Honduras who risks his life to escape poverty, drugs, and gang violence in order to reunite with his mother, who left when he was five years old to seek employment in the United States.

How long does Enrique give himself to try and migrate to the United States?

He has memorized it. Now the agents cannot use it to locate and deport her. She left him behind in Honduras more than 11 years ago and entered the United States illegally to seek work. In all, Enrique has spent four months trying to find her.

What does Enrique wash his mouth with to help with his broken teeth?

“Mom!” he shouts. Lesbia Sibaja, the mayor’s mother, puts a pot of water on to boil and sprinkles in salt and herbs to clean his wounds. She brings Enrique a bowl of hot broth, filled with bits of meat and potatoes. He spoons the brown liquid into his mouth, careful not to touch his broken teeth.

Who is Olga Sanchez in Enrique journey?

Olga Sánchez Martínez runs a new refugee center in southern Mexico to help Central American women and children fleeing violence in their home countries. For nearly two decades she has also operated another shelter for migrants harmed by Mexico’s freight train, La Bestia, ministering to those left without arms or legs.

How old is the gangster who sleeps next to Enrique Chapter 3?

He sleeps next to a member of the Mara Salvatrucha gang, Big Daddy, whom he’s befriended who can help keep him safe from other gangsters. Big Daddy is 15 years old. People have been murdered and raped in the cemetery. They are on top of a mausoleum when Big Daddy wakes Enrique to warn him of a police raid.

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Why does Enrique leave Honduras?

He sets out to find his mother in the United States, determined to make the difficult journey through Guatemala, up Mexico, and across the river. With hardly any money and few belongings, he leaves his hometown of Tegucigalpa and travels north.

What does Rosa say to Enrique in the hospital?

As Enrique visits the hospital, Rosa laments that she will not live to enjoy the fruits of their harrowing journey to the U.S. Rosa sums up the film’s major theme when she says to Enrique: In our own land, we have no home. They want to kill us. In Mexico, there is only poverty.

What is the role of Grupo Beta Sur?

Grupos Beta (Beta Groups) is a service by the National Institute of Migration (INM) of Mexico dedicated to the protection and defense of the human rights of migrants and are specialized in providing orientation, rescue and first aid, regardless of nationality or immigration status.