FAQ: Where is trujillo peru?

Which country is Trujillo Peru?

Trujillo (/truːˈhiːjoʊ/ troo-HEE-yoh, Spanish: [tɾuˈxiʝo]; Quechua: Truhillu) is a city in coastal northwestern Peru and the capital of the Department of La Libertad. It is the third most populous city and center of the third most populous metropolitan area of Peru.

Is Trujillo Peru safe?

While Peru is known as one of the safest South American countries, many major cities have security issues and problem areas, including Trujillo. Everything from muggings, assaults, and carjackings to petty theft can take place, even during the day and with many witnesses around.

How many people live in Trujillo Peru?

With a population of almost one million people, Trujillo competes with Arequipa for being Peru’s second largest city. It is also one of the country’s oldest settlements. For almost 7,000 years, residents have used the waters of the Moche River that passes to the south of the city.

Is Trujillo worth visiting?

While it is worth a visit, you probably won’t be staying here very long. Also known as the City of Eternal Spring, Trujillo does have great weather going for it. Trujillo is located near a few archaeological sites of interest making it a good base for various day trips.

What is the most dangerous city in Peru?

This area, although not mentioned below, is certainly one of the more dangerous areas in Peru and your caution is adviced.

The Peruvian Public’s Perception of City Safety.

Lima 75%
Puno / Juliaca 14%
Ayacucho 13%
Chimbote 13%
Piura 10%

Is Peru safe?

In general, Peru is a pretty safe place to visit. You’re not going to get kidnapped or murdered there, but Peru does require you to be a bit more vigilant than other places. There is a lot of petty crime against tourists, especially those who are careless and leave valuables around.

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Is huanchaco safe?

It’s absolutely safe, clean, people are welcoming and very friendly.

How far is Trujillo from Lima?

Distance from Lima to Trujillo is 486 kilometers. This air travel distance is equal to 302 miles.

How do you get to Trujillo Peru?

You can travel to Trujillo from Lima by air or bus. It takes only an hour to fly from Lima to Trujillo and both LAN and Star Perú airlines make the route. The airport in Trujillo is called Aeropuerto Carlos Martínez de Pinillos (Carlos Martinez Airport in English).