FAQ: Which Rabbit Died At The End Of Watership Down?

How did Watership Down end? The BBC series ended with the Black Rabbit coming to visit Hazel and the character dying some time after he saves his group from the Efrafa warren.

Which rabbit dies in Watership Down?

A vision of the Black Rabbit leads Fiver to his brother Hazel after he is shot. At the end of the film, the Black Rabbit appears before an elderly Hazel and offers him a place in his Owsla. Hazel then dies before his spirit leaves with the Black Rabbit.

Who died at the end of Watership Down?

Death finally catches up to Hazel, but it is not sorrowful or painful, but rather beautiful. Hazel steps into a different world, one with which his brother Fiver was always familiar and one where rabbits never cease running. This vision of death provides the end of the novel with a special kind of hope.

Did Hazel die at the end of Watership Down?

Hazel in Seasons 1 – 2 Hazel appears in the television series as a main protagonist, as Chief of Watership Down. His death appears nowhere in the series, especially at the end of the series finale where he and the other rabbits live in peace after Woundwort and the Darkhaven rabbits were taken by the Black Rabbit.

What happened at the end of Watership Down?

In the end he lives a really lovely life with his new warren all great and everything, and then he leaves his earthly body, shuttling off this mortal coil and nipping off to the leporine (which is a fancy AF word for hares) spiritual plane.

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What is the name of the black rabbit in Watership Down?

Adaptations. El-ahrairah (El-ahrah in the TV Series) is a rabbit who lived long before Hazel and the rest of the Watership Down Warren were born.

What happened to the rabbits in Watership Down?

The rabbits live happily in their warren and Campion returns to run the Efrafan warren. They decide to build a third warren halfway between the two and fill it with rabbits from each warren. Hazel lives several years, longer than most rabbits live, and he sees the warren prosper and thrive before he dies.

Why do rabbits get Mixi?

Myxomatosis is caused by the myxoma virus, a poxvirus spread between rabbits by close contact and biting insects such as fleas and mosquitoes. The virus causes swelling and discharge from the eyes, nose and anogenital region of infected rabbits.

Who saves Hazel from the cat?

The cat, Tab appears when the Watership Down rabbits come to rescue the hutch rabbits. He also attacks Hazel during the battle with Efrafa when Hazel and Dandelion come to find Bob. Lucy saves Hazel from the cat.

Did fiver die in Watership Down?

Though Hazel attempts to help Fiver, Hazel is forced to leave his brother behind at his request. Later on, it’s revealed that he survived, because Tab’s owner, a human girl named Lucy saved him and brought him near the down.

Who is El Ahrairah?

The folk hero of rabbits. El-ahrairah is the ultimate trickster, the prince of the rabbits who tries to trick even Lord Frith himself, the sun god and creator. El-ahrairah’s adventures, often with the aid of his friend Rabscuttle, are a part of rabbit lore, and Dandelion tells many of his stories.

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Does General woundwort die in Watership Down?

Although Woundwort’s body is never found, making it unclear if he survives the encounter, the dog survives with minor injuries inflicted by the General. He has also killed the leaders of other warrens personally and “imposed his will” on groups of rabbits all by himself on more than one occasion.

Who visits Hazel in the epilogue?

But once we’ve gotten all that where-are-they-now nonsense out of the way, the epilogue focuses on Hazel, who gets older and then dies. But it’s not a “boo-hoo, the hero is dead” sort of ending. In fact, Hazel is visited by some rabbit spirit (who we believe is El-ahrairah).

Is Watership Down a real place?

Watership Down is a hill or a down at Ecchinswell in the civil parish of Ecchinswell, Sydmonton and Bishops Green in the English county of Hampshire, as part of the Hampshire Downs. The Down is best known as the setting for Richard Adams’ 1972 novel about rabbits, also called Watership Down.

What was the name of the rabbit that the rabbits from Cowslip’s warren killed?

Pimpernel: A Sandleford rabbit, who helps Bluebell to escape the poisoning of the Sandleford warren but becomes very ill and weak in the process. He travels towards Watership with Holly and Bluebell, but is murdered by Cowslip’s rabbits.