FAQ: Who is the money girl on memphis street outlaws?

  • Fans of the Street Outlaws spinoff, ‘ Street Outlaws: Memphis’ has been wondering about JJ Da Boss’ money girl. Gulley is more than just a pretty face and can be seen awarding the drag race winners their earings on the Discovery Channel Series. She earns a hefty sum of salary and has a desirable net worth.

Are Tricia and precious sisters?

He gave her his Ole Heavy to race on ‘Street Outlaws’ and later also gifted a new car, a Zip tie Nova. Apart from that, Precious also knew Tricia since their childhood, and thus, it’s almost like they’re sisters.

How old is Tricia day?

Patricia Day, aka Tricia, is an American street racer who is running on her 40’s as of 2020. Her actual date of birth and age are still under wraps. Not only that, she likes to keep her personal life out of the limelight, so there’s only a little information. However, her husband, JJ, is 46 years old as of 2020.

Who is JJ Da Boss daughter?

JJ DA Boss, with his wife Tricia, has been blessed with two daughters: Aubrey and Vada, Whitney, and Anneline.

How old is Kenneth gulleys daughter?

Barely 24, Mallory hopes to follow in the footsteps of Precious cooper and Tricia day. The daughter of Kenneth Gulley, Mallory has her father and JJ to look up to. Wiki/Bio Facts.

Full name Mallory Gulley
Age 24
Date of Birth March 9, 1996
Place of Birth Jonesboro, Arkansas, U.S.

Who died on street outlaws?

‘ Street Outlaws ‘ Star Tyler “Flip” Priddy Died at Only 31 Years Old. Leaving an irreplaceable void in Street Outlaws since his untimely death in 2013, Tyler “Flip” Priddy was the absolute definition of a motorhead, and an integral part of the show’s cast.

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Is Precious Cooper related to JJ the boss?

Tricia is longtime friends with fellow female racer Precious Cooper. The ladies, along with JJ, have been pals since childhood, and Precious is even the godmother of Tricia’s children.

How old is JJ the boss and Tricia?

While JJ who was born on August 10th, 1973, is 47-years- old, his wife Tricia was born on December 6th, is in her 30s.

Does JJ the boss have a daughter?

On his social media in August 2018, JJ Da Boss glimpsed his two daughters, Aubrey and Vada, who prepared for their first day in school.

Is precious from street outlaws pregnant?

Her marital status is unknown, and she strategically refrained from discussing plans to start a family with the media. It’s uncertain whether she is pregnant or not. However, it’s unlikely that she would continue to take part in life-threatening races if she was expecting.

Did Big Chief and Shawn part ways?

If you are a big fan of Big Chief and Murder Nova, then by now you know that the two have gone their separate ways. Shawn and another Street Outlaw personality, Phantom, have opened up a new custom hot rod shop, 187 Customs.

Who is the girl next to JJ the boss?

Fans of the Street Outlaws spinoff, Street Outlaws: Memphis, have been wondering who is JJ Da Boss ‘ “money girl.” The petite blonde can be seen awarding the drag race winners their earnings on the Discovery Channel series, but a little research will prove that Mallory Gulley is more than just a pretty face.

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What happened to the 405 on street Outlaws 2020?

The 405 Crew will hopefully be back on ‘ Street Outlaws ‘ in 2020. That’s because production has reportedly ordered some 50 episodes of the original Street Outlaws show with the 405 in it. You can check out all of the Street Outlaws action on Discovery Channel on Mondays at 8 p.m..

Why did Big Chief leave the 405?

Apparently, leading up to the show, the 405 was given no direct communication that the show was even going to happen. It seems like they only found out about it because of a chance Facebook encounters. This time, an interview from Sim ABCXYZ on YouTube dives into how it all went down.

How did Doc on street outlaws die?

Street Outlaws ‘ Doc suffered heart attack.

Is Street Outlaws real or staged?

Street Outlaws, of course, is a totally scripted reality show. It’s not real street racing, either: competitors attest that there are fire and medical crews on site and filming locations get shut down just as they would for any other TV show using a public stretch of road.