How Much Is The Broadway Industry Worth?

Broadway theatres In the 2017/18 season the gross revenue from Broadway shows in New York was at 1.7 billion U.S. dollars with over 1.44 billion U.S. dollars from musicals and about 180.43 million U.S. dollars from theatrical plays.

How much is Broadway worth?

Who’s up, who’s down and where the money is flowing in New York’s $1.3 billion theater industry. Broadway shows attract millions of people to theaters in Times Square every year.

How much does Broadway contribute to the economy?

Broadway contributes $14.7 billion to the economy of New York City on top of ticket sales and supports 96,900 local jobs. Broadway attendance in the 2018-2019 season reached 14.77 million; the season grossed $1.83 billion.

How much does NYC make on Broadway?

In total, the full contribution of Broadway Tourists amounted to $9.6 billion; shows contributed $2.2 billion; and theatres $17 million, for a total of $11.9 billion to NYC’s economy. Broadway supports 87,000 jobs and generates $500 million in taxes to NYC.

How wealthy is Lin Manuel Miranda?

That list of credits includes “In the Heights,” a musical which Miranda wrote the music and lyrics for — he starred in it, too. It’s no surprise, then, that the 41-year-old has amassed a net worth of $80 million.

Who Owns Broadway?

The majority of Broadway theatres are owned or managed by three organizations: the Shubert Organization, a for-profit arm of the non-profit Shubert Foundation, which owns seventeen theatres; the Nederlander Organization, which controls nine theatres; and Jujamcyn, which owns five Broadway houses.

How much did Hamilton make?

“Hamilton” is the biggest Broadway hit in years, and until the coronavirus pandemic shuttered all of its productions, it was making a lot of money: It has played to full houses since it opened in 2015, and on Broadway it has been seen by 2.6 million people and grossed $650 million.

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How much do Broadway actors make?

The salaries of Broadway Actors in the US range from $26,063 to $708,331, with a median salary of $127,367. The middle 57% of Broadway Actors makes between $127,369 and $320,944, with the top 86% making $708,331.

How many people actually make it to Broadway?

That means, in a typical season, there are 1,260 Broadway roles that need to be filled. How many people are trying to get one of those coveted roles? At least 10,000. It’s a rigorous selection process.

What percentage of Broadway audience is white?

Although some recent break-out hits, such as Hamilton and Slave Play, have attempted to diversify both Broadway plays and their audiences, the Broadway League’s latest demographic report reveals that among New Yorkers who attended a Broadway performance, 67 percent were white even though whites comprise 44 percent of

What percent of Broadway actors are white?

According to AAPAC’s study, white actors were the most represented on stage, appearing in 58.6 percent of all roles on New York City stages (Broadway and non-profit Off-Broadway) accounted for, meaning they were over-represented by 25 percent to their population size in the city.

How does theater contribute to economy?

The theatre industry directly contributes $43 million to the economy of New York City. This figure represents expenditures by producers, theatre owners and ticket brokers for performer’s salaries, sets, rents, etc. Direct tax payments to New York City are at least $5.7 million.

What genre started the golden age?

During its Golden Age, the American musical theater came of age, and in so doing became the representative international musico-dramatic genre of the twentieth century. This article is part of a special, serialized feature: A Music-Theoretical Matrix: Essays in Honor of Allen Forte (Part V).

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Why is Broadway so important?

They host a constantly changing variety of productions, including plays and musicals. Many people believe the theatrical productions on Broadway are the best in the world. Each year, the best Broadway shows are awarded Tony Awards. Broadway shows are one of the most popular tourist attractions in New York City.