Often asked: How Do You Grow A Staghorn?

Staghorn ferns are easy to grow; they like bright, indirect light and good drainage. Avoid placing them in direct sun. These ferns grow well in shady spots outdoors during the warm season. When temperatures start dipping below 60 degrees, bring them indoors for the cool season.

How long does a staghorn take to grow?

Naturally grown as epiphytes, staghorn ferns (Platycerium spp.) harmlessly cling to tree branches as they hang downward in the canopy’s shade. These bushy evergreens grow slowly, up to 4 feet tall and wide over a period of 10 to 20 years.

Where is the best place to put a staghorn?

They grow large, so only mount in an area that has at least three feet (1 m.) for your fern to expand. Your fern will need to be watered regularly, but should not be allowed to get soggy where it is mounted to a surface. It will grow best in partial shade, and a place with indirect light is ideal.

Can you plant a staghorn fern in soil?

Can Staghorn Ferns Be Potted? This is a good question since staghorns generally don’t naturally grow in soil. The key to growing staghorn ferns in baskets or pots is to replicate their natural environment as closely as possible. But, yes, they can grow in pots.

How do you start a staghorn fern puppy?

Wait until the pup is at least 4 inches (10 cm.) across. Find the spot under the brown shield fronds where the pup is attached and, with a sharp knife, cut the pup away with some roots attached. You can mount the pup just as you would a fully grown staghorn fern.

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Are staghorn ferns easy to grow?

Growing staghorn ferns is easy. If they get low to medium light and moderate moisture, they will thrive. In fact, whether grown indoors or outside, provide moderate moisture and a humus-rich medium when growing staghorn ferns. Staghorn ferns are usually grown mounted on a piece of wood or in a basket.

Does Staghorn Fern need sun?

Staghorn ferns need lots of bright but indirect or diffused sunlight. This is best achieved by placing them next to the brightest window in the house. All directions are fine, but west-facing windows might expose the fern to too much direct afternoon sun.

Can you over water Staghorn Fern?

Since the Staghorn Fern is an epiphyte that naturally grows along tree trunks in the tropics, its roots are smaller than you might expect and are easily overwatered. This can lead to root rot and harm your plant. Overwatering can also lead to fungal infections that appear as black spots on your Staghorn’s fronds.

How do you secure a Staghorn Fern to a tree?

Since staghorn ferns can get big, make sure the tree is a large and sturdy one. Place the plant so that the newest fronds are at the top, and wrap fishing line several times around the branch to secure the netted bundle of moss, bark and roots to it. Once the fern is tied in place, pour water over that bundle.

How do you grow a Staghorn Fern in a wire basket?

Hanging in a Wire Basket Place your plant in the basket and gently bring the leaves of your plant through the edges of the basket. This allows the plant to grow out the side of the basket. Carefully pull some of the fronds through so the staghorn fern can grow in its natural upright position.

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Are coffee grounds good for staghorn ferns?

Up-to-date gardeners know that California’s low rainfall and alkaline soil are tough on acid-loving plants. Coffee grounds act as a mulch and soil improver. A few staghorn owners even advocate using the entire banana, placing it into the paper-like platycerium that supports the main plant.

How often should you water a Staghorn Fern?

A good rule of thumb is to water once per week in dry, hot times of year, and once every two to three weeks during cooler months. Start with this schedule, and adjust as necessary depending on your space. Staghorn ferns absorb water through their fronds, as well as their roots.

Why are staghorn ferns so expensive?

Why is Staghorn Fern so expensive? Staghorn fern is a rare plant species and they require optimal amounts of care for good growth. They are big beautiful plants but you need to take care of their growth requirements like favourable temperature, humidity and fertilizers during the growth period.

Do you feed staghorn ferns bananas?

Using banana fertilizer for staghorn ferns is an easy way to maintain your plant’s health while reducing kitchen waste. Depending on the size of your fern, feed it with up to four banana peels a month to provide potassium plus smaller amounts of phosphorus and micronutrients.