Often asked: How Do You Use Fiddes Wax Polish?


  1. Fiddes Wax Polish is best applied with a clean, lint-free cloth, stockinette or fine grade wire wool (which smooths the surface of the wood whilst waxing it at the same time)
  2. Apply sparingly, working on one small area at a time.
  3. Leave the wax polish for around 10 minutes.

How do you use Fiddes wax?

Take a clean cotton cloth, sponge or brush and apply Fiddes Supreme Wax in the direction of the wood grain where possible. To obtain a uniform colour, always wipe evenly, blending the Supreme Wax over the whole surface area by exerting a small degree of pressure when applying by hand.

Is Fiddes wax good?

Fiddes furniture wax is a good example of a traditional wax still used today on antique furniture due to the fact it has very good natural protective qualities and it provides protection to the surface of the wood. It also enhances the beauty of wood by giving a nice sheen and enhances the colour and grain.

Is Fiddes waterproof?

Fiddes Exterior Wood Protector is a water repelling sealer, that penetrates deeply into both smooth and planed rough sawn exterior timber. Formulated to both maintain and protect, preventing surface growth of algae whilst offering high resistance to water penetration with excellent beading.

Can you wax exterior wood?

If you’re looking for the easiest and quickest form of short-term protection, look no further than an exterior oil finish. Oils protect by penetrating into the wood fibres and leaving a wax layer on the surface.

What is wax polishing?

Car Wax. Wax is best used after cleaning and polishing to make your car’s paintwork shine. It does this by smoothing out the painted surface by filling swirls and scratches with a protective coating. So instead of removing a fine layer of paint like polish does, car wax puts a smooths coating on top of the paint.

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Is furniture wax durable?

Is it Durable? Yes, I have found wax to provide a durable finish, but quite different from the durability a poly provides. What I like about wax is that it if you do scratch a small space, often a little more wax will fix the problem, or some small touch up paint to the spot.

Do you buff between coats of wax?

After you have wiped off the wax, you can go back in and actually buff in the wax. This will create a more shiny appearance. This can also help avoid the blotchy look that sometimes happens if you have applied the wax unevenly. Apply the wax in thin coats.

How long does wood wax take to dry?

Most furniture waxes dry within minutes, but you might be advised to wait up to 30 minutes for the wax to dry. The wax will turn from shiny to dull as it dries. It might take longer for the wax to dry if you’re in a cold or poorly ventilated space.

Can you buff Fiddes Hard Wax Oil?

Fiddes Hard Wax Oil produces a quick drying, natural satin or matt water repellent, tread-fast finish that will not peel or flake. To maintain / renovate, simply wash, buff or re-apply, following the guidelines below.

Who is Fiddes?

Who is Matt Fiddes? Born in May 1979, Fiddes is a 39-year-old fitness trainer and martial artist. He is also the owner of a property portfolio, Fiddes Rooms which supplies accommodation for those in the area he grew up in, North Devon in England.

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Can you apply hard wax oil with a cloth?

Can I apply the oils with a cloth? You can use a cloth however, we recommend using a brush or roller for applying Treatex and Osmo oils. You can use a cloth to remove any excess oil if necessary.