Often asked: What Is A Half Moon Ruler Called?

A protractor is a measuring instrument, typically made of transparent plastic or glass, for measuring angles. Some protractors are simple half-discs. More advanced protractors, such as the bevel protractor, have one or two swinging arms, which can be used to help measure the angle.

What are the different types of rulers called?

Types of Rulers

  • Desk Ruler. The desk ruler is very common and is most often the instrument associated with the term ruler.
  • Steel Rule. A steel rule is a straight flat piece of metal, very similar to a ruler.
  • Carpenters Rule and Folding Rule.
  • Seamstress Tape.
  • Architect Scale.
  • Tape Measure.

What are the two types of rulers?

Types of Ruler Material rulers are used at a mechanical workshop. Sometimes a metal edge is embedded into a wooden desk ruler to preserve the edge when used for straight-line cutting. Depending on the size of the ruler there are two types of the ruler – a short ruler and a long ruler.

What is Triangle ruler?

A triangle ruler is called a ‘set square. ‘ They are triangular-shaped and sometimes have a cut-out center.

What is metal ruler?

Steel rules, also called rulers, are essential in any shop when accuracy matters. Steel rules come in rigid and flexible versions. While their primary purpose is accurate measurement, they can also be used as guides for laying out lines, and if rigid enough, for cutting.

What is a flexible ruler called?

A tape measure or measuring tape is a flexible ruler used to measure size or distance. It consists of a ribbon of cloth, plastic, fibre glass, or metal strip with linear-measurement markings. It is a common measuring tool.

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What is metric ruler?

A metric ruler or meter stick are the instruments (tools) used in measuring length. The units of length most commonly used include the meter (m), centimeter (cm), millimeter (mm), and kilometer (km).

What is machinist ruler?

A machinist ruler is an important piece of equipment for mechanics and others who need exacting measurements. Reading a machinist ruler is easy, but may take a bit of getting used to for those who aren’t familiar with how machinist rulers are laid out.

What does a protractor do?

Protractor, any of a group of instruments used to construct and measure plane angles. The simplest protractor comprises a semicircular disk graduated in degrees—from 0° to 180°.