Often asked: What Is The Message In The Sun Is Also A Star?

The central message of The Sun is Also a Star is that the power of love can transcend social, physical, and emotional barriers.

What does the sun is also a star teach you?

Set in New York City and told over the course of one day, The Sun is also a Star exhibits themes of family duty and dynamics, immigration and deportation, love, racism, goals and ambitions, and fate vs. choice. http://www.nicolayoon.com/bio Accessed 28 September 2017.

What is the author’s purpose in the sun is also a star?

Marie Claire: What inspired you to write The Sun Is Also a Star? Nicola Yoon: I really wanted to tell a love story through all of the things it takes to make a love story —all of the other people besides the people who are in love.

What is the mood of the sun is also a star?

In “The Sun is Also a Star,” Russo-Young swirls together sun-dappled selfies, luscious skin, urban grittiness and hip-hop beats, the aesthetics perfectly matched to emotion. She creates a heady, knee-buckling mood that nearly conceals the weaknesses in story and performances.

Is The Sun Is Also a Star a real story?

‘The Sun Is Also A Star’ Is A Fictional Love Story With Very Real Stakes. Meanwhile, her husband David Yoon, is Korean-American, just like Natasha’s love interest Daniel Bae (Charles Melton). But despite these parallels with her life, Yoon told the publication that the story is still, for the most part, fictional.

What happens at the end of The Sun Is Also a Star book?

At the end of the novel, 10 years later, rather than five, Natasha ends up on a plane on which Irene is now a flight attendant. Daniel is also on the plane, and Natasha notices that he’s a few seats over after talking to Irene. Of course, they both recognize each other.

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Who is Natasha in the sun is also a star?

Natasha Kingsley, an undocumented immigrant from Jamaica, is one of the seventeen-year-old protagonists of the novel. She came to the US when she was eight years old with her mother, Patricia, to join her father, Samuel. The family overstayed their tourist visa and have been in the country since.

What is the American Dream in the sun is also a star?

Daniel knows his family’s version of the American Dream means financial stability and success, not actually pursuing your dreams. He’s a good kid and he wants to make his parents proud, so he was on board with their plan, even if he wasn’t that excited about it. Then he met Natasha.

Does Natasha get deported in The Sun Is Also a Star?

After becoming fully invested in Natasha and Daniel’s epic, whirlwind, “meant to be” love story, it’s low-key devastating to watch as Natasha ends up being deported after all. With a literal ocean between them, the star-crossed lovers naturally drift apart.

How do Daniel and Natasha meet in The Sun Is Also a Star?

Natasha has hope for her situation and regrets how she and Daniel parted. She goes back to his family’s store and convinces Charlie to give her Daniel’s phone number. She calls Daniel, and they meet at the building that Fitzgerald works, which happens to be the same building where Daniel’s interview is scheduled.

How old is Daniel in The Sun Is Also a Star?

Daniel Bae is one of the novel’s seventeen-year-old protagonists. He’s a second generation immigrant who very comfortably inhabits a space between being fully American and fully Korean.