Often asked: What is union square san francisco?

What shops are in Union Square San Francisco?

Find a Store

  • 676 Candles Co. 676 Candles Co.
  • 7 For All Mankind. Today, 7 For All Mankind is an international brand with over 100 retail locations in North America.
  • 7-eleven.
  • Abercrombie & Fitch.
  • Acne Studios Geary Street.
  • Adidas.
  • Adriano Goldschmied Jeans.
  • Aesop San Francisco Centre.

What is Union Square like in San Francisco?

Today, this one-block plaza and surrounding area is one of the largest collections of department stores, upscale boutiques, gift shops, art galleries, and beauty salons in the United States, making Union Square a major tourist destination and a vital, cosmopolitan gathering place in downtown San Francisco.

What is Union Square famous for?

Union Square is noted for its impressive equestrian statue of U.S. President George Washington, modeled by Henry Kirke Brown and unveiled in 1856.

Is Union Square dangerous?

Union Square, adjacent to the Tenderloin, is a relatively safe district but is also a crowded shopping area, and pickpockets are active—so keep your valuables under wraps.

How far is Union Square from Fisherman’s Wharf?

The distance between Union Square and Fishermans Wharf is 1 miles. 3 дня назад

Is the Christmas tree up in Union Square?

The Union Square Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony is one of the best ways to celebrate the holidays in San Francisco. After the official ceremony, the tree will stay lit each night for you to enjoy through the beginning of January. The tree lighting ceremony in Union Square is scheduled for Friday, November 29, 2019.

What should I avoid in San Francisco?

10 Things Everyone In San Francisco Should Avoid At All Costs

  • Driving downtown San Francisco during games for the Giants. Steve Rhodes/Flickr.
  • FIsherman’s Wharf. R L/Yelp.
  • Sinkholes. Peretzp/Flickr.
  • Bay Bridge Traffic. David Yu/Flickr.
  • Outdoor parades and events while in a rush. David Yu/Flickr.
  • Dog poo on the sidewalk.
  • Confusing cable cars with streetcars.
  • Construction sites.
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What are the worst areas in San Francisco?

The 10 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in San Francisco

  1. Mission Neighborhood. The crime rate in Mission is high enough to warrant concern.
  2. The Tenderloin Neighborhood.
  3. Chinatown Neighborhood.
  4. South of Market Neighborhood.
  5. Ocean View.
  6. Bayview Neighborhood.
  7. Excelsior Neighborhood.
  8. Downtown Neighborhood.

Where do tourists stay in San Francisco?

  • Nob Hill & Union Square (Downtown San Francisco) – Where to stay in San Francisco for the first time.
  • Fisherman’s Wharf & North Beach – Where to stay in San Francisco with a family.
  • SoMa / South of Market.
  • The Mission & The Castro – Where to stay in San Francisco for nightlife.
  • Hayes Valley.
  • Best apartments in San Francisco.

Why is it called Union Square?

Its name, from the early 19th century, celebrates neither the federal union of the United States nor labor unions but rather denotes the union of Manhattan’s two principal thoroughfares: Bloomingdale Road (now Broadway) and Bowery Road (now Fourth Avenue).

Is Union Square Park Safe?

As such, and because we care, we worked with apartment data site AddressReport to pull numbers on the safest and most dangerous neighborhoods in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens.


Most Dangerous Neighborhoods Non-violent crimes per 1,000 residents
Koreatown 118.6
Union Square 73.2
NoHO 58
Hudson Square 55.7

Is Union Square uptown or downtown?

The following approximate definitions are used: Uptown Manhattan is the area above 59th Street; Upper Manhattan is the area above 96th Street.

Between Midtown and Downtown.

Name of the neighborhood Limits south to north and east to west
Union Square 14th to 17th Streets; 4th Avenue to University Place
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Why is the tenderloin so bad?

The Tenderloin is a high-crime neighborhood, particularly violent street crime such as robbery and aggravated assault. Seven of the top 10 violent crime plots (out of 665 in the entire city as measured by the San Francisco Police Department) are adjacent plots in the Tenderloin and Sixth and Market area.

Why is the homeless problem so bad in San Francisco?

The prevalence of homelessness emerged both in San Francisco and the United States in general in the late 70’s and early 80’s. Jennifer Wolch identifies some of these factors to include the loss of jobs from deindustrialization, a rapid rise in housing prices, and the elimination of social welfare programs.

Is San Francisco a bad place to live?

San Francisco (ranked 77 overall): San Francisco is not only the worst US city at 77th place out of 82 cities, it is also the world’s worst city when it comes to the local cost of living (82nd) and the affordability of housing (82nd).