Often asked: When Was Editha Written?

The story was first published in Harper’s Monthly 110 (Jan. 1905).

Why did William Dean Howells write Editha?

Howells wrote “Editha” in an effort to explode the sentimentalism that led to an interest in the historical romance. Editha blindly and ignorantly believes in the heroic romanticism of war and is totally oblivious to the real consequences of battle.

What is the theme of Editha?

The themes of “Editha” include war, media, and patriotism. War is a major theme in the story and the impetus of the events that take place. The story is set during the Spanish–American War, and the characters all have different perspectives and opinions on it.

During what contemporary war to the author is Editha set?

William Dean Howells’ short story ‘Editha’ identifies and criticizes the major role that masculine rhetoric played in the Spanish American War of 1898.

Is Editha a book?

Editha Paperback – April 15, 2015 This edition prints the whole text of Howells’ profoundly anti-war story and also provides an introduction which analyses the story and explores Howells’ feelings about American imperialism in the Spanish-American war.

What is the tone of Editha by William Dean Howells?

The tone belies the bitterness felt by the reader as he delves into the lives of the characters. A disagreement between the unrealistic Editha and the more pragmatic George takes the reader to the heart of the story. Editha wants her boyfriend to go off to war to serve his country, and he is not sure about it.

How does Editha describe George?

George is cautious, loyal, and empathetic. He later joins the fight because of his desire to please Editha.

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Is Editha realism or naturalism?

Traditionally “ Editha” has been treated as a realist story, but the roles Editha and George exemplify point towards naturalism since both characters are unconscious of the social forces that propel them to the major crisises in the story.

What is the story Editha about?

An impressionable young woman, Editha bases her sentimental views about war on the yellow journalism that she reads in the current newspapers. She insists that her fiancé, George Gearson, a conscientious objector, fight in the Spanish-American War.

Who says glorious in Editha?

“Their courtship,” in fact, “was contemporaneous with the growth of the war feeling,” and our first glimpse of Editha shows her “with lips parted and panting with the intensity of the question whether she could let him go. sion, and uttered from deep in her throat, ‘How glorious! ‘” (p. 338).

Why does Editha write George the letter?

– When someone goes to war, someone else will inevitably be killed. – When Editha is writing her letter to George, she realizes that it would not be good timing, and so she decides against giving it to him at the moment.

What war is in Editha?

William Dean Howells’ short story ‘Editha’ identifies and criticizes the major role that masculine rhetoric played in the Spanish American War of 1898.

Who wrote Editha?

Editha by William Dean Howells.

What is Edithas last name?

Expert Answers Editha’s last name is Balcom. Her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Balcom, also are characters in the story.

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Who lost a limb in Editha?

George’s father lost his arm in the Civil War and other more mundane instances of arms appears: Editha thinks that if George returns missing an arm, she will give him hers and he will have three arms; George embraces Editha with his arms.

What is the central conflict between Editha and gearson?

The main conflict of the story is that Editha pushes George Gearson, her fiancé, to enlist and fight in the Spanish-American War. Unlike Editha, George does not believe that war is glorious or a part of God’s plan.