Question: Is The Kid In 12 Angry Men Guilty?

In the end, the teen is found not guilty, and the jurors go their separate ways; the thunderstorm that has been building throughout the film passes, the clouds break, the music swells, and we turn off the film content that justice was done.

Was the defendant innocent in 12 Angry Men?

Twelve Angry Men: Juror’s Trial The jury had a murder case that dealt with a nineteen-year-old man that was accused of murdering his father from several people. The rising action in the play is that only Juror #8 found the defendant innocent and all the other jurors found him guilty of the crime.

What is the final verdict for the boy in 12 Angry Men?

After convincing the jury to give a Not Guilty verdict, Juror #8 walks over to #3, his nemesis, and puts his coat on for him. The gesture shows us that despite the extent to which they’ve argued in the jury room, there will be no hard feelings once they head back into the world.

What happened to juror’s son in 12 Angry Men?

Juror 3 has a son that he hasn’t spoken to in 3 years, so he is anxious to blame ‘rotten kids’ for all the problems that exist in the world. He was ashamed when his son was 8 and walked away from a fight, so he rode him hard to ‘make a man out of him. ‘ When his son was a teenager, he punched his father in the face.

Why did Juror 3 change his vote?

Why does Juror 3 change his vote to not guilty? Juror 3 changed his vote after realizing that all of his anger toward the defendant was a direct result of his bad relationship with his son. Due to his change of vote from guilty to not guilty, Juror 3 shows growth in character and is therefore considered dynamic.

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Why is the knife so important in 12 Angry Men?

When Eight sticks a matching knife in the wall, the murder weapon represents the certainty of the jurors that is quickly draining away. Initially, eleven out of twelve jurors felt convinced of the accused’s guilt.

What did Juror 8 prove about the knife?

One of the biggest pieces of evidence against the defendant is the uniqueness of the knife he apparently used to kill his father. But Juror #8 blows this theory out of the water by reaching into his pocket and pulling out the exact same knife, which he bought for six bucks at a nearby store.

What is the cause of three’s anger toward all kids?

The cause of 3s anger towards all young men is bc he had a son who ran away from home. He saw his kid be a wimp so he got tough in his kid and tried to make a man out of him. He thinks that the man who heard the boy was wrong and that he heard something and assumed it was the boy.

What was Juror #3 doing that made Juror #8 angry causing him to exclaim This isn’t a game?

What was Juror#3 doing that made Juror#8 angry, causing him to exclaim, “this isn’t a game!”? He was playing tic-tac-toe. What fact finally convinces the remaining jurors to vote “not guilty”? The fact that the eyewitness wore glasses and would not have had time to put them on to see the murder clearly.

Why is juror number 3 the antagonist?

Juror 3 is very opinionated; he is also accustomed to forcing his wishes upon others. He is the antagonist. At one point he says, At another point in Act II, as there is a secret vote without Juror 8 and one man votes guilty, Juror 3 demands to know who has changed his vote.

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Why is #3 in favor of a guilty vote so much?

In Twelve Angry Men, Juror #3 is very opinionated and stubborn. He also has a difficult relationship to his own son, which he projects onto the defendant. These are the main reasons why Juror #3 wants the defendant to be guilty.

Who was the most important juror in Twelve Angry Men?

Juror #8. He votes “not guilty” during the jury’s first vote. Described as “thoughtful” and “gentle,” Juror #8 is usually portrayed as the most heroic member of the jury.

What did Juror #2 bring up about the knife?

Juror #2 asks to see the knife again. He says that the stab wound in the dead man was a downward wound. But the father was 6’2 and the son was only 5’7, which means it would have been awkward for the kid to make a downward wound.

Why is Juror 8 a hero?

By the end of the movie, Juror #8 has proven himself to be a true hero for standing by his principles and having the courage and skill to put them to work. He eventually gets the jury to find the defendant Not Guilty, and in the process, he avoids sending an innocent 18 year-old kid to jail.

Why is Juror 5 convinced that the boy did not stab his father?

Why is Five convinced that the boy did not stab his father? He’s convinced because the boy is an experienced knife fighter and from the wound they had stabbed downward which makes him convinced the boy didn’t do it. Five is an authority because he has seen knife fights in his backyard where he grew up.