Question: What Are The Positions In Tennis?

Now that you have found the right partner and worked on the first ball (serve and return), it’s time to talk about court positioning. There are three basic court positions for doubles tennis: two up, two back and one up, one back.

What are the list of tennis terms?

Tennis Terms

  • Ace. A serve that lands inside the lines and is untouched by the opponent.
  • Advantage. The point that follows a deuce score.
  • Ad-Court. The left side of the tennis court.
  • Approach Shot. A shot that the player follows to the net is called an approach shot.
  • ATP.
  • Backspin.
  • Break.
  • Break Point.

What is a ready position?

Your ready position is the stance and position that you want to reach before your opponent hits the shuttlecock. It’s called the ready position because it helps you get ready for the next shot.

What is a good ready position?

A good ready position involves specific placement of the feet, legs, torso, arms, hands, head and eyes. This position centers your weight and makes athletic movement possible. Many two-handed players hold the non-dominant hand closer to the hitting hand on the grip in ready position as a time saver on grip changes.

What is deuce in tennis?

WHAT IS A DEUCE? The only time this is different is when both you and your opponent have won 4 points each and the score is 40-40. This is called deuce. When the score reaches deuce, one player or team will need to win at least two points in a row to win the game.

What does AD mean in tennis?

AD – Short for Advantage. It is the point scored after Deuce. If the serving side scores, it is Ad-in. If the receiving side scores, it is Ad-out. ALL – An even score.

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What is ace serve in tennis?

Ace – A legal serve which the returner does not manage to get their racquet to. An ace always results in the server winning a point. Advantage – A player’s score is given as ‘advantage’ or ‘ad’ when they win the next point after a game goes to deuce (see below).

What is defensive tennis?

Defensive: Running down offensive shots. Hitting the ball back such that it cannot be attacked as easily, but is not risky either. Being a reactive player where your strategy is based upon defending against your opponent’s attack.

How do you position yourself to hit a tennis ball?

For example, if you hit a shot up the middle, position yourself in the middle of the baseline. If you hit to the far left corner, stand a few steps closer to your right corner. If you want to rush the net, sprint forward as fast as possible.

What does V mean in tennis?

Volley. A stroke where a player hits the ball back over the net (using a forehand or backhand) before the ball bounces on their side of the court.

What does DF mean in tennis?

Matches. Aces. DF. Double Faults. Two serving faults in a row in one point, causing the player serving to lose the point.

What is bye tennis?

Bye: Automatic advancement of a player to the next round of a tournament without facing an opponent. Byes are often awarded in the first round to the top-seeded players in a tournament.