Question: What Is The Meaning Of Dozed Off?

: to fall asleep especially for a short period of time A few students dozed off during the movie.

How do you use dozed off?

Several times his head dropped low as if it were falling and he dozed off. Troubled, she dozed, waking when she heard the knock at her door. She dozed and awoke to the sound of something bumping her door. Each time she dozed off, she thought something was crawling on her bedroll.

What are synonyms for dozed off?

In this page you can discover 7 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for doze-off, like: fall-asleep, flake-out, nod-off, dope-off, drift-off, drop-off and drowse-off.

What fell asleep means?

: to begin sleeping She fell asleep during the movie.

What is an example of remarkable?

The definition of remarkable is something unusual, extraordinary or worthy of attention. An example of something that would be described as remarkable is a painting by Picasso.

What is the synonym of dozed?

[chiefly British], nap, siesta, snooze, wink.

How do you use dozing in a sentence?

Dozing sentence example

  1. Alex was dozing in a recliner.
  2. She was dozing by the time he finished and nudged her awake.
  3. It was past dark, and she was dozing on the couch.
  4. He closed his eyes and seemed to be dozing.
  5. Jule sensed the intruder shortly after dozing off.

Is doze off an idiom?

To fall asleep, typically unexpectedly or for just a short period of time. Whew, I must have dozed off there for a few minutes.

What is another word for deep sleep?

The definition of a slumber is a deep sleep.

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Are you already asleep meaning?

“Already asleep” means that the person is now sleeping, and is not available to talk. The person has already gone to sleep, is already asleep.

Is it correct to say falling asleep?

If you want to refer to right now, your sleep routine or something that you do every night for example, you should use fall asleep as fall in the Present Simple of the verb to fall. For example, I always fall asleep after reading a chapter of my book.

Was fast asleep meaning?

phrase. Someone who is fast asleep is completely asleep. When he went upstairs five minutes later, she was fast asleep.