Question: Who won the battle of nashville?

Why was the Battle of Nashville important?

Battle of Nashville, (December 15–16, 1864), American Civil War engagement in which Confederate Lieut. The decisive Union victory shattered Hood’s army and effectively ended Southern resistance in Tennessee for the remainder of the war.

Who won the battle of Franklin Union or Confederate?

Battle of Franklin (1864)

Battle of Franklin
Date November 30, 1864 Location Franklin, Williamson County, Tennessee35.9174°N 86.8733°WCoordinates:35.9174°N 86.8733°W Result Union victory
United States Confederate States
Commanders and leaders

How long did the Battle of Nashville last?

At the Battle of Nashville, which took place from December 15 to December 16, 1864, during the American Civil War (1861-65), the once powerful Confederate Army of Tennessee was nearly destroyed when a Union army commanded by General George Thomas (1816-70) swarmed over the Rebel trenches around Nashville.

Who won the battle of Shiloh?

On April 7, 1862, the Civil War’s Battle of Shiloh ended with a United States (Union) victory over Confederate forces in Pittsburg Landing, Tennessee. The two-day conflict was at that point the bloodiest battle in American history, with more than 23,000 dead and wounded.

Why were so many Civil War battles fought in Tennessee?

During the Civil War more battles and skirmishes were fought in Tennessee than any other state except Virginia. Tennessee was like a gateway for both armies into the other side’s land. This is why so much fighting happened in Tennessee. More than 64,000 Confederate soldiers and 59,000 Union soldiers died here.

How many Civil War battles were fought in Tennessee?

There were more than 1,400 battles fought in Tennessee. Some were larger and some smaller than the ones described here, but in all these battles men were killed, wounded and captured.

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Other Battles.

Johnsonville Hartsville
Brentwood Campbell’s Station
Dandridge Collierville
Fair Garden Wauhatchie

How many Confederate generals were killed at Franklin?

The Confederates had 23,000 men at Franklin; approximately 1,750 died and 5,500 were wounded or captured. The losses among the Confederate leadership were major. Six generals were killed, including Patrick Cleburne, one of the Confederate army’s finest division commanders.

How did Franklin TN get its name?

Starting at the top, it’s vital to know Franklin, Tennessee was named after the great Ben Franklin and was founded in 1799 by Abram Maury. He initially called it Marthaville after his wife, Martha Maury. However, Martha insisted it be named Franklin instead after one of America’s Founding Fathers, Benjamin Franklin.

How many hours did the Battle of Franklin last?

A five-hour battle in Franklin became one of the bloodiest in the western theater of the Civil War nearly 153 years ago. It is now known as the Battle of Franklin. Union and Confederate soldiers fought in the southern portion of the city on Nov. 30, 1864.

Was Tennessee a Union or Confederate?

Tennessee voted to join the Confederate States of America on June 8,1861, becoming the Confederacy’s 11th and last state. Some 105,000 Tennesseans voted for secession; 47,000 voted against, according to the Tennessee Encyclopedia of History and Culture.

Which Grand Division of Tennessee had the largest number of slaves?

Middle Tennessee, where tobacco, cattle, and grain became the favored crops, held the largest number of slaves throughout the antebellum period. West Tennessee, the area between the Tennessee and Mississippi Rivers, ultimately the richest cotton producing section of the state, saw the greatest concentration of slaves.

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Was Nashville Union or Confederate?

The Union victory at Nashville shattered Hood’s Army of Tennessee and effectively ended the war in Tennessee. Following Nashville, the fall of the Southern Confederacy was now only a matter of time. The Union victory at Nashville shattered Hood’s Army of Tennessee and effectively ended the war in Tennessee.

Who was the worst union general?

Bragg is generally considered among the worst generals of the Civil War. Most of the battles in which he engaged ended in defeat.

Braxton Bragg.

General Braxton Bragg
Years of service 1837–1856 (USA) 1861–1865 (CSA)
Rank Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel (USA) General (CSA)

What was the deadliest Civil War battle?

Antietam was the bloodiest one-day battle of the Civil War.

Is Shiloh church still standing?

After the battle, the church was reportedly torn down by the Union troops and the logs used to build bridges when the movement upon Corinth began. The modern church, completed in 1949, stands on the site of the original church. The reconstructed log church was built in 2001.