Quick Answer: How Do I Start Playing Pool?

The game starts with a “break” and players try to hit all of their assigned balls into pockets using the cue ball (the white ball). All of the balls must be hit into the pockets before the 8 ball is hit into a pocket. The first person to do this is the winner!

What do you need to play pool?

Pool – Equipment

  1. Balls. The cue sports mainly depend on balls.
  2. Rack. A rack is normally triangle in shape.
  3. Cue. Cue is a stick used to hit the ball.
  4. Bridge. Bridge is also called a rake and is used sometimes as a supporting instrument for the cue stick.
  5. Chalk. Like the bridge, chalk is also not important equipment.
  6. Table.

Is pool hard to play?

Is billiards an easy or difficult game? It depends. It is easy to put balls, but it is very complicated to dominate the control of the white ball, win continuous matches, compete under pressure There is something about billiards that stand outs more than any other, the challenge of this sport.

What are the best tips for pool cues?

Medium tips are usually the way to go for most pool players because they offer a combination of cue ball control and consistency. Most medium tips will get you plenty of spin but do not get as misshaped or wear out as fast as the softer tips.

How does pool game work?

The object of pool is to pot all of your designated balls (either stripes or solids) and then pot the 8 ball, thus winning the game. As pool matches often consist of several games in a ‘best out of’ format, players attempt to win as many games as needed to win the match.

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Who goes first in pool?

The player who breaks first is selected randomly. The break alternates in subsequent games on the same table. The player must strike the 1-ball first and either pocket a ball or hit four or more balls to the rail. Otherwise, the break becomes illegal.

What age should you start playing pool?

A: Kids can start enjoying billiards at any age, but I would suggest not before five-years-old. The one thing to remember is to have them stand on a footstool or a box, so they can reach the table and not develop any bad habits in their stroke.

What age do you have to be to play pool?

No owner, manager, proprietor or other person in charge of any billiard room or pool hall shall allow or permit any person under the age of 18 years to be in, remain in, enter or visit such place unless such minor person is accompanied by one of his parents or by his legal guardian.

How do kids hold pool cues?

Holding the Cue First teach them how to hold the back of the cue while using your hand to do the bridge. Second, have them do the bridge and you stroke the cue. Repeating this a few times does wonders. It’s ok if they want to rest the cue between the index finger and thumb or between the index and middle finger.