Quick Answer: How Do Students Log In To Masteryconnect?

Go to www.masteryconnect.com. Click on Login. Note: You can also access the login screen by typing: https://app.masteryconnect.com/login. Click on Sign in with Google, then log in with your Google username and password—or select your account.

What is the student ID for Masteryconnect?

To find the Test ID, go to your tracker, hover over the standard that the assessment is in, and then click on Assess. Click on the button above the title bar to see the Assessment ID.

How do students access mastery connect?

The MasteryConnect Student Portal gives you access to assessments and playlists directly from your teacher. Your teacher will send you an activation email or print out login information for you to create and log in to your student account at masteryconnect.com.

How do I set up an assessment on Masteryconnect?

Open Assessment Editor Click on Trackers, and select the tracker that contains the assessment you want to assign. Hover over the title of the standard that contains the assessment, and click on Assess.

How do I reset my mastery connect student?

You can reset a single student or the entire class. Find the test you want to reset and CLICK the title box. With your mouse, hover over the blue hamburger menu button. Select students you want to reset.

How do I add an assessment to a tracker?

How do I add an assessment to a Mastery Tracker in Canvas?

  1. Open Canvas Course. Log in to your Canvas account.
  2. Select Assessment Creation Option. Select an option for adding an assessment to your Mastery Tracker.
  3. Create Raw Score Assessment.
  4. View New Assessment in Tracker.
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How do I set up MasteryConnect on canvas?

Deliver a Linked MasteryConnect Assessment via Canvas LTI

  1. Open Assignments. In Canvas, open the course to which you would like to add the assessment.
  2. Add Assignment. Click the Add Assignment button.
  3. Name Assignment.
  4. Fill Out Assignment Details.
  5. Select Submission Type.
  6. Open Assessment Linker.
  7. Select Tracker.
  8. Select Assessment.

How do you create an assessment?

How do I create an assessment in Tests and Quizzes?

  1. Go to Tests & Quizzes.
  2. Create a new assessment.
  3. Add a question.
  4. Set the general question options.
  5. Choose number of correct responses (for multiple choice).
  6. Enter the answer choices (for multiple choice).
  7. Choose whether or not to randomize answers (for multiple choice).

Can a student retake an assessment on MasteryConnect?

Sometimes, a student may accidentally submit a benchmark assessment before they have answered all of the questions. MasteryConnect allows administrators to reopen submitted benchmarks without the student losing any of the answers that they have already completed.

How do you delete student score on mastery connect?

Delete or Edit Score Click on Trackers, and select your tracker. Click on the standard title of the assessment where you want to edit scores. Highlight or click on the score to change or delete it. Press the delete key or enter the score you want to change it to.

How do you delete an assessment in mastery connect?

For single standard assessments, hover over the assessment title and click on Delete Assessment. For multi-standard assessments, hover over the assessment title, and click on Delete.