Quick Answer: How Do You Make Honey Jujube Tea?

Add honey. Then jar it up! How to Serve: Boil hot water (or cinnamon water—my preference). Add 1-2 spoonfuls of the ginger jujube tea mix.

Notes & Tips:

  1. Use ginger from Peru. It’s much more potent and stronger.
  2. You can buy dried jujube at any Korean market.
  3. Use decent quality honey.

Is honey jujube tea good for you?

Sweet jujube tea may boost your antioxidant intake. Jujube fruit is also consumed as a tea. While the research is limited, jujube tea is rich in antioxidants and may alleviate constipation. It’s also purportedly beneficial for anxiety and insomnia, but the evidence is limited.

What is honey jujube tea?

Jujube tea is a traditional tisane or herbal tea made from the dried fruit of the Ziziphus jujuba bush, which is native to northern India and regions of China. The fruit is also known as a Chinese date or red date.

What is Jujube honey good for?

The study indicates that jujube honey exerts potent antioxidant activity and significant protection in hepatic disorders associated with chronic alcoholism. The protective effect is attributed to its antioxidant mechanisms and inhibition of oxidative degradation of lipids.

What does honey jujube tea taste like?

Jujube tea or also called Chinese red date has been cultivated in China and many other parts of Asia for many thousands of years. If the jujube fruit is still young, it is very juicy and its taste is reminiscent of that of apples. As soon as the red date is ripe, it becomes drier and tastes sweet.

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How do you use honey jujube tea?

This product is produced for jujube flavored honey tea. Pour 2 or 3 scoops in a cup of hot water and enjoy hot honey tea. Stir 2 or 3 scoops in a cup of cool water and enjoy cool honey tea.

When should I drink jujube tea?

Jujube Ginger Tea is made from ginger, jujubes, black sugar (or honey), and water. It serves as an energizing morning drink, an afternoon treat (especially if you feel under the weather), and a warming evening drink.

How do you store jujube tea?

Store in an airtight container in the fridge for a few days or add ice! Ingredients: Handful dried red dates (also called jujubes, Chinese dates, Korean dates, Indian dates) Water (about 2-3 cups)

How do you use jujube?

Some of the most common ways to eat fresh jujube fruits are raw as a snack, dried, cooked into candies and jams, baked into cakes and pies, stewed into flavorful syrups, roasted with meats and vegetables, in soups and added to sauces.

Does ginger tea help with blood circulation?

Ginger tea, one of the most popular herbs, has many health benefits: It helps improve blood circulation, alleviate respiratory problems, relieve nausea, fight stomach inflammation, among many others.

Is jujube good for diabetics?

Jujube fruits contain a variety of constituents that are good for body metabolism, however, they are still not advisable for use in diabetes. It contains sugar that may cause spike in blood sugar levels.

Can you eat dried jujube?

Dried, they have a chewy texture and taste similar to dates. When raw, these fruits have a sweet, apple-like flavor and can be eaten as a nutritious snack. Dried jujubes are also commonly sold for use in desserts or to be eaten by themselves like candy, especially in Asia.

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Does jujube tea have caffeine?

The many health benefits of jujubes have made it the most used ingredient in China for making a cup of caffeine free tea. Another benefit of jujube tea is that it contains lots of antioxidants that can improve your skin condition and digestion.

What is citron tea good for?

its floral-fruity citrus aroma makes it a great way to start your day and is an excellent source for vitamin c. traditionally, honey citron tea has also been used to treat cold symptoms, stimulate digestion, blood circulation, and even said to enhance skin complexion.