Quick Answer: How far is antioch tn from nashville tn?

Is Antioch TN dangerous?

Antioch isn’t dangerous, or at least it isn’t at all as dangerous as people assume. It’s a really nice place to live actually, with a lot of cool people around.

Is Antioch TN a good place to live?

Antioch is one of the cities fastest growing neighborhoods. A lot of new people are attracted to the area, they tell us it’s for the good food and convenient location. “They are building it up,” says Thomas Windfield who lives in Antioch. “Honestly, just the price of rent,” says Sam Hanse, who also lives in Antioch.

What is the safest part of Nashville?

Here are five safe, affordable neighborhoods in Nashville to check out!

  • Buena Vista.
  • Germantown.
  • Green Hills.
  • Hillsboro West End.
  • Historic Edgefield.

How far is Antioch TN from Nashville Airport?

Hotels & Motels in or near Antioch, Tennessee

Antioch is located in north central Tennessee, 12 miles southeast of downtown Nashville and 7 miles south of the Nashville Airport.

What is the most dangerous city in Tennessee?

The latest FBI crime data shows that Memphis ranks as the most dangerous city in Tennessee for 2021.

Where is the safest place to live in Tennessee?

The Top 10 Safest Cities in Tennessee

  • Loudon.
  • Oakland.
  • Brentwood.
  • Atoka.
  • Spring Hill.
  • Collegedale.
  • Franklin.
  • Germantown.

What are bad areas in Nashville?

Most Dangerous Neighborhoods In Nashville, TN

  • West Meade. Population 469. 307 %
  • Salemtown. Population 341. 267 %
  • Heron Walk. Population 11,940. 248 %
  • Glencliff. Population 7,729. 243 %
  • Haynes Area. Population 7,150. 230 %
  • Bordeaux. Population 5,092. 153 %
  • Talbot’s Corner. Population 12,018. 149 %
  • Inglewood-Riverwood. Population 7,184. 124 %
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What is the crime rate in Antioch Tennessee?

Antioch, Nashville, TN Crime

Statistic Reportedincidents Nashville/100k people
Total crime 35,153 5,114
Murder 83 12.1
Rape 438 63.7
Robbery 1,978 287.8

Is La Vergne TN safe?

SMYRNA, TN — La Vergne is Tennessee’s 16th safest city and Smyrna its 18th, according to a newly released report. La Vergne reported 241 violent crimes and 646 property crimes in 2016, giving it a violent crime rate of 6.84 per 1,000 and property crime rate of 18.34 per 1,000.

What is the cheapest place to live in Tennessee?

Here are the 10 cheapest places to live in Tennessee:

  • Chattanooga.
  • Johnson City.
  • Clarksville.
  • Oak Ridge.
  • Murfreesboro.
  • Collierville.
  • Bartlett.
  • Portland.

Is the Gulch in Nashville safe?

The Gulch is perfectly fine to walk around at night. Just use common since like you’re in any other urban environment. The Gulch is perfectly fine to walk around at night. Just use common since like you’re in any other urban environment.

Which part of Nashville is best to live in?

East Nashville has a huge list of amazing businesses, from restaurants to shops, that are undoubtedly some of the best in Nashville. So many people live in East Nashville, but expect to see mostly young, hip adults and families at the local spots.