Quick Answer: How far is delaware from new york city?

The total driving distance from Delaware to New York is 266milesor 428kilometers. The total straight line flight distance from Delaware to New York is 196miles. This is equivalent to 315kilometersor 170nautical miles. Your trip begins in the state of Delaware.

How far is Delaware from New York by train?

Wilmington, DE to New York City Train Information

Avg. Train Duration 2 hours 48 minutes
Trains depart from: Wilmington, DE
Trains arrive in: New York City
Distance: 169 km
Train Companies: Amtrak

How far is Delaware from New York by car?

Yes, the driving distance between Delaware to New York is 124 miles. It takes approximately 2h 12m to drive from Delaware to New York.

How much is a train ticket from Delaware to New York?

You can expect to pay $61 for a one-way train ticket to New York. Amtrak Acela train tickets from Wilmington to New York start from $82, and on average cost $85. Daily there are 4 Amtrak Acela schedules to New York.

How far is Delaware from New York by plane?

The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between Delaware and New York is 239 km= 149 miles. If you travel with an airplane (which has average speed of 560 miles) from Delaware to New York, It takes 0.27 hours to arrive.

Is Delaware a good place to live?

Delaware’s scenic beauty, low taxes and affordable housing make this tiny state a wonderful place to live, work and play. Increasing numbers of people – from young couples to retirees – have discovered the wide-ranging benefits of Delaware living.

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How much is a train ticket to Delaware?

Of the 3 cities in Delaware with train service, the average cost of train tickets is $73.00 on the top routes. The cheapest ticket available costs $7.00 while the most expensive ticket is $210.00 at this time. 9 train companies operate trains to and from Delaware.

How far is Delaware from DC?

Distance from Washington, D.C. to Delaware is 131 kilometers. This air travel distance is equal to 81 miles.

How many hours is Delaware from New York?

4 hours, 52 minutes

To: round-trip one-way
Get: vacation flight hotel car rental

How do I get from NYC to Delaware?

Daily there are 1 Amtrak Silver Service schedules to Wilmington. Amtrak Silver Service in New York leaves from Penn Station, And in Wilmington trains arrive at Amtrak Station – 100 French St, From New York to Wilmington train travel on Amtrak Silver Service takes 1 hours and 59 minutes.

How far is Delaware from New York by bus?

The distance when traveling by bus from NYC to Delaware is 131.5 miles.

How far is Newark Delaware from New York City?

The distance between Newark and New York is 132 miles.

Does Amtrak go to Delaware?

Amtrak provides SEPTA and the Delaware Transit Corporation (DTC) with access to Northeast Corridor tracks for their Philadelphia-Wilmington-Newark commuter operations. Under this contract, SEPTA provides service to four Delaware locations, including Wilmington and Newark.

Where do you fly into for Delaware?

The Philadelphia International Airport is the closest airport to Delaware. Once you land in Philadelphia Airport, you’ll have many options to Wilmington, which is the city centre of Delaware.

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What airport do I fly into to get to Wilmington Delaware?

The nearest airport to Wilmington – DE -USA is Wilmington Greater Wilmington Apt (ILG) Airport which is 5.7 miles away. Other nearby airports include Philadelphia (PHL) (18.2 miles), Baltimore (BWI) (71.9 miles), Newark (EWR) (97.9 miles) and Reagan Washington (DCA) (101.6 miles).

Why is Delaware famous?

Delaware’s official state name is “The First State” because it was the first of the thirteen original colonies to ratify the Constitution in 1787, thus becoming the first state in the nation. Delaware is home to Dover International Speedway, also known as the “Monster Mile,” which hosts two NASCAR races each year.