Quick Answer: Where is louisville kentucky located?

Where is Louisville Kentucky?

Louisville is southeasterly situated along the border between Kentucky and Indiana, the Ohio River, in north-central Kentucky at the Falls of the Ohio. Although situated in a Southern state, Louisville is influenced by both Southern and Midwestern culture.

What is Louisville famous for?

17 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Louisville 1 Kentucky Derby. Kentucky Derby. 2 Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory. Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory Lou & Traci plus / photo modified. 3 Muhammad Ali Center. 4 Cave Hill Cemetery. 5 Frazier History Museum. 6 Kentucky Derby Museum. 7 Locust Grove. 8 Conrad-Caldwell House Museum.

Is Louisville dangerous?

The most dangerous city in the state, Louisville, is one of the few Kentucky cities with a higher violent crime rate than the U.S. as a whole. Driven largely by aggravated assault, Louisville’s violent crime rate is 647 per 100,000.

Is Cincinnati or Louisville bigger?

Cincinnati has been a big, significant city for a while longer than Louisville. There is no question Cincinnati is larger.

What is the racial makeup of Louisville Ky?

According to the most recent ACS, the racial composition of Louisville was: White: 69.92% Black or African American: 23.60% Asian: 2.67%

What food is Louisville Kentucky known for?

The 7 most iconic dishes & drinks in Louisville (and where to get them) Hot Brown. The Brown Hotel (address and info) Derby-Pie. Kern’s Kitchen (address and info) Burgoo. Mark’s Feed Store (address and info) Benedictine spread. Jackknife Cafe (address and info) Fried chicken. Harvest (address and info) Cheeseburgers. Bourbon.

What is the coldest month in Kentucky?

This month is the coldest on record for Louisville with an average temperature of 18.6 degrees. As with other events, large snowfall accompanied this one as well, with up to 6 inches in some places. Hi and Low Temperatures on December 25th, 1983. 01/23/1963-01/29/1963.

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City Bowling Green, KY
High 45
Low -21
Difference 67

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Is Louisville good place to live?

Louisville is in Jefferson County and is one of the best places to live in Kentucky. Living in Louisville offers residents a dense suburban feel and most residents own their homes. In Louisville there are a lot of restaurants and parks. The public schools in Louisville are above average.

Is Louisville worth visiting?

Louisville —and, let’s face it, Kentucky in general—is an awesome place to visit and live. There are so many historical places to explore, miles and miles of green space to relax in, and entertainment can be found everywhere. Tons of art and culture without having to deal with the crowds of a major city!

What is the bad side of Louisville?

Where Are The Worst Neighborhoods To Live In Louisville For 2021?

Rank Neighborhood Population
1 California 4,377
2 Park Hill 3,196
3 Park Duvalle 4,085
4 Russell 9,015

Is Louisville a ghetto?

Louisville is the most ghetto i would say. There is alot of low income based housing in several parts of louisville. Even though I love Louisville with its historical houses and so many things to do and its beauty.

What is the most dangerous city in Kentucky?

The 20 Worst Places to Live in Kentucky Radcliff, Kentucky. Radcliff is a small town that has made the most dangerous cities list in the state, according to Only In Your State. Frankfort, Kentucky. Frankfort has also made the most dangerous. Shively, Kentucky. Bowling Green, Kentucky. Oak Grove, Kentucky. Pikeville, Kentucky. Murray, Kentucky. Covington, Kentucky.

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Is Louisville KY a safe city?

Louisville Metro ranked 75th in violent crime and 62nd in property crime, both of which contributed to the city’s overall dismal designation as the most unsafe place in the commonwealth. This is Louisville’s second consecutive year in the bottom five; it also placed last in the 2015 study.

Is Atlanta bigger than Louisville?

Atlanta is four times as big and looks bigger than that. Driving through Louisville you will see yourself approaching a sizable city with a nice centralized cluster of tall buildings with surprising density. But within ten minutes you are out the other side of town and that’s all there is.

Which city is bigger Indianapolis or Louisville?

With only 1.3 million people, Louisville is by far the smallest. These don’t sound that much bigger than Louisville, but consider: Milwaukee is 21% bigger, Nashville is 24% bigger, and Indianapolis is 37% bigger.