Quick Answer: Which Compound Would Have The Highest Vapor Pressure At A Given Temperature?

When comparing vapor pressures we need to be making comparisons at the same temperature. Thus at room temperature, the substance with the lowest boiling point will have the highest vapor pressure (easiest to get into the gas phase). The substance with the highest boiling point will have the lowest vapor pressure.

Which of the following has higher Vapour pressure at a given temperature?

Ether has the highest vapour pressure (i.e., lowest boilint point) at any temperature. The reason for its high vapour pressure is that the attraction is less between ether molecules than between water and alcohol molecules.

Which has the highest vapor pressure quizlet?

The compound with the weakest intermolecular forces will have the highest vapor pressure. CH3CH2CH2F is the largest and only polar compound and therefore has the greatest intermolecular forces (both dipole-dipole and the greatest London Dispersion forces) and is eliminated.

Does higher temperature mean higher vapor pressure?

As the temperature of a liquid increases, the kinetic energy of its molecules also increases. As the kinetic energy of the molecules increases, the number of molecules transitioning into a vapor also increases, thereby increasing the vapor pressure.

Does br2 or i2 have a higher vapor pressure?

The atomic weights of Br and I are 80 and 127 respectively. Since I2 has higher molecular weight, it has stronger London dispersion forces so it has a higher boiling point than Br2.

Do polar molecules have high vapor pressure?

Non polar molecules have higher vapour pressure while polar molecules have very low vapour pressure.

Which has higher vapor pressure ch3ch2ch2oh or CH3OH?

CH3OH C H 3 O H will have a higher vapor pressure.

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Which alkane compound has the highest vapor pressure?

The dispersion forces between the smaller pentane molecules are much weaker than the forces between the larger heptane molecules. Therefore pentane has the largest vapor pressure and heptane has the smallest vapor pressure.

Which has more vapour pressure?

Vapor pressure is a property of a liquid based on the strength of its intermolecular forces. A liquid with weak intermolecular forces evaporates more easily and has a high vapor pressure. A liquid with stronger intermolecular forces does not evaporate easily and thus has a lower vapor pressure.

Which compound has the highest boiling point quizlet?

I2 has the highest boiling point because it has the highest molar mass. Because the halogens are all similar in other ways, you would expect I2 to have the greatest dispersion forces and therefore the highest boiling point (and in fact it does).

Which compound has the highest boiling point CH3CH2CH2CH3?

CH3CH2CH2CH3 has more atoms, so more dispersion forces and hence the higher boiling point of the two. CH3CH2OCH2CH3 is similar in size to CH3CH2CH2CH3, but has dipole-dipole forces as well due to the presence of polar C-O bonds. Thus, the boiling point of CH3CH2OCH2CH3 is higher than that of CH3CH2CH2CH3.

Which compound will have the highest boiling point group of answer choices?

Among the given options, (c) ethanol has the highest boiling point as it has the strongest intermolecular force of hydrogen bonding.