Readers ask: Does Silver Solder Require Flux?

Don’t even use flux on the fitting (the edge). If you’re using silver solder – that is, solder with 45 percent silver or higher – to connect copper to steel you must always use an acid-based flux.

Can you solder silver without flux?

Yes, solder can be used without flux. To do so, you will need something other than flux to break down the oxides on the metal surface, without which your surface may be damaged or not properly cleaned.

Do you use flux on silver solder?

Stay-Silv® White Brazing Flux This is a white paste flux that’s used for 90% of silver brazing applications. White flux is useful for brazing copper, brass, steel, stainless steel, and nickel alloys. It has an active temperature range of 1050 -1600°F (565 – 870°C).

What flux is used for silver soldering?

Silver Solder & Brazing Flux Tenacity 5™ is a powder flux effective with alloys that melt below 850˚C. It is particularity useful for use with silver brazing filler metals and when brazing stainless steel components.

Can I solder silver with a soldering iron?

A soldering iron will not be suitable for soldering sterling silver. You will need to use a gas torch to achieve the correct temperature.

What is flux in silversmithing?

Flux is a compound which is applied onto a joint before soldering to prevent oxides. Using flux keeps your piece clean, allowing the solder to flow easily once brought up to temperature.

Is silver solder stronger than regular solder?

Silver solder is silver-based filler metal that has been used for years by welders. It’s a silver alloy with some other metals added in, which makes it stronger and able to take more punishment than typical aluminum or copper soldering wire.

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What is silver solder used for?

Silver soldering is the process of permanently joining two pieces of metal together using heat to melt pieces of silver solder to fill a prepared joint. It is used essentially with silver for jewellery making and silversmithing, but can also be used to join together copper, gilding metal, brass and gold if needs be.

How hard is silver solder?

Some hardware stores carry silver solder, but usually the low-temperature type, with a tensile strength around 10,000 psi. The really strong silver solders – tensile strength over 60,000 psi – are a little harder to find. They burn much hotter than ordinary torches, which makes silver soldering go faster and easier.

Can I use any flux for silver?

The general fluoride/borate-type flux, such as Handy Flux (FB3-A), will dissolve the oxides, but the consistency of the flux should be used in standard form, not diluted. With some larger parts, Handy Flux Type B-1 (FB3-C) may be more appropriate because of its extended heat range/life.

Can you use lemon juice as flux?

Cut six lemons in half with a kitchen knife. Squeeze the juice from a lemon into the strainer. Stir the juice in the container for 10 seconds with the wooden spoon. The citric acid flux you have made can now be used to prepare metal for soldering.