Readers ask: How Can I Be A Better Double In Tennis?

To win more of your doubles tennis matches, check out the following tips:

  1. Aim for the opponent’s feet.
  2. Attack the middle of the court.
  3. Pressure the net.
  4. Lob.
  5. Poach.
  6. Fake-out your opponent.
  7. Hit to their weakness.
  8. Try the I-formation.

How do you become a good doubles partner in tennis?

To recap, follow these tips to be a good doubles partner.

  1. Know your partner’s doubles style, strengths, and weaknesses.
  2. Use doubles strategy to take advantage of each other’s strengths.
  3. Encourage your partner with words like “I” & “we”, and have positive energy.
  4. Take ownership of each point, game, and set.

How do you beat I formation in tennis?

This is an aggressive tactic meant to intimidate the opponent into hitting a poor return.

  1. Rattle a team that constantly kills your returns.
  2. Do it just because you can.
  3. Aim your serve at the T.
  4. Aim your serve at the body.
  5. Aim for the net man by going up the middle.
  6. Go down the line (on the deuce side).
  7. Throw up a lob.

What do doubles tennis players whisper?

When playing doubles, it is important to play to your strengths especially if they align with your opponents’ weaknesses. Often doubles players whisper between points about observations they see in the other team, especially strengths and weaknesses that are standing out.

What do doubles tennis players say to each other?

What Doubles Players Usually Whisper. While doubles partners could technically be whispering anything to each other, there are 4 main topics that they usually address: where the serve/return will go, what the player at the net should do, what the baseline player will do, and the overall strategy for the point.

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Where do you stand doubles in tennis?

So, where can you stand in doubles tennis? The server can stand anywhere along the baseline on the half of the court they are serving on for each point. The server’s partner can stand anywhere, as far back or far forward toward’s the net as they like (and even on the same side as their partner is serving on).

How do you dominate in tennis?

Tennis Tactics – 5 Ways To Dominate In Singles

  1. Match preparation.
  2. Starting off the match with a high level of focus and consistency.
  3. Find your opponent’s weakness.
  4. Try to play each point as if it’s the only one.
  5. Fight.